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Healing Night For Women


                      For All Women

Your Writing-Your Art-Your Attendance-Your Performance

Express your journey of healing from sexual, physical, religious or emotional abuse.

Free Event!! Donations Welcome!


We are looking for all types of creative expression! We want all levels of expertise!

This is an event for women who use or want to use art form as an expression of healing from the experience of abuse. It is a powerful display of triumphant journeys. Women are invited to share any type of creative object, read their written work or act in any type of performance piece they choose while in the company of other supportive women. And they can just show up as well! Tell a friend!

Have you written something? Painted something? Have you thought of ways to express your experience of healing? You have time! Healing Night – November 19th

Opening Reception Artist’s Exhibit

November 19th 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

Readings and Performances

November 19th 7:00 pm-9pm

Fire Ceremony

November 19th 9pm-10pm

Abundance Wellness Center

325 John Knox Road, Building T – Tallahassee



Vickie Spray at 322-6944


Vickie Spray has assisted many in their awakening process. Humanity is being called to stir and to walk into a place of higher consciousness and her clients are answering that call. The emergent process,DSCN0587 however, can sometimes be a startling and painful evolution. Vickie Spray is a spiritual counselor who offers a bridge for that awakening and transformational development.




Answering the Call

Please Watch My New Video Below and SHARE!
1. UPDATE: CLASS IS FULL! New Women’s Group to meet for 6 months-Your Non-Physical Gifts
There is room for eight women. This group will provide a safe place to connect and use Higher Consciousness as a Source of power, insight, and wisdom to explore, claim and nurture our non-physical gifts.
Psychic mediums, telepathy, healers, and all extrasensory leanings are welcome with the basic tenant of the greatest degree of Love. We will assist each other to transcend human memory, misperceptions and subtle and deeply ingrained illusions DSCN0594 (640x480)so that we may live and have access to all the dimensions that are available at this point in our awakening. This group is about providing a designated time in our lives to focus on our unique gifts with love for the purpose of expansion, service and evolution.
Here are the particulars:
Initially, this group will meet for 6 months. Group Begins July 18th- Ends December 12th
From 6:30-8:00
July 18th
August 15th
September 19th
October 17th
November 14th
December 12th
WHERE: My office 1304 East 6th Ave. Corner of Lee and 6th One block from TMH.
COST: $180.00
HOW TO REGISTER: Reply to this notice DEADLINE: July 9th

2. The Call of the Higher Self – Moving Beyond Mind-Body
Workshop with Vickie Spray and Mary Waller
The call from our Higher Self is an invitation to move beyond our fear-body responses and experience our original wisdom, power and possibility. We are capable of learning how to tap into the infinite wisdom of the Universe and to know ourselves as a part of that Universe. We are now living in the Great Human Awakening. It is a powerful shift in consciousness and it cannot be stopped. It is growing in intensity. We must each ask ourselves if we are willing to transcend our narrow interpretation of reality.
When: August 14th 1-4
Abundance Wellness Center
Price: $45.00

3. Wing Repair-A Ten Month Highly Transformative Opportunity – 2017
Fifteen women will travel together through:
Overnight Retreat
Special Guests
Defining your dreams, passions and hidden talents
Trusting your intuition
Explore the mystical properties of your true self
And more…!

What is known: We are now willing to strengthen, repair and use our tucked-away wings. We are feeling the desire to answer a call to fly with ease and grace. There will be two groups of women for a total of 15 women. One will meet on 2ndMonday (starting in Jan 2017 and ending October) in Tallahassee at my office and one will meet on 1st Sunday in Crawfordville. This ten-month program allows you to not only learn but to also integrate into your life. If you can not attend your group on one of the 10 months, then you are welcome to attend the other group. Both groups will meet at least once within the 10 months for an overnight retreat. The cost will be finalized and will depend on special guests and overhead costs, but I am thinking it will be $60.00 a month with a commitment to all 10 months. Your wings and your sister’s applause await you. 2017-Will it be YOUR turn?

Spiritual Counseling- This is the next step in our human evolution toward the healing of human wounds, using spiritual practices and by changing the religious dogma and thoughts that hinder our personal deepening. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Teilhard de Chardin. What kind of experience are you having? $60.00-$120.00 One hour and ½ Sliding Scale One on One Sessions. We meet at my office at 1304 E. 6th Ave. (Office is in Massage Studio of Tallahassee)

Spiritual Group- FULL AT THE PRESENT TIME- This group of women meets every Wednesday as a way to stay connected to our spiritual selves and to remember that we are so much more than bodies living an earthly life! A great healing and expansion is happening! Wednesdays6:30-8:00 $10.00 Bring a friend! We meet at my office at 1304 E. 6thAve. (Office is in Massage Studio of Tallahassee)

Vickie Spray 850-322-6944

Become a Minister-
The Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. (ADL) is an interfaith ministry. ADL ministers offer their own individual expertise and knowledge to those seeking deeper spiritual meaning and growth using a broad spectrum of skills,ADL ministers are ordained after completing spiritual development studies that include the and ideas for spiritual development. In a society riddled with divisiveness and fear, ADL is a bright light, promoting inclusiveness and love.backgrounds basics in spiritual counseling and practical ministry skills. Full ministerial status is conferred after the completion of a one-year internship. This training prepares ministers to offer traditional spiritual counseling in addition to the use of metaphysical methods to bring awareness to the light of the spirit.

ADL ministers work to enlighten and uplift souls, promoting spiritual growth through Divine Love using the greatest degree of love as a foundation.

Still Small Voice Meditation Guided

A guided meditation given to you by a spiritual counselor.

Find your peace, power and insight within a short pause in your day.

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If You Are Ready

no mud no lotusVickie Spray has assisted many in their awakening process. Humanity is being called to stir and to walk into a place of higher consciousness and her clients are answering that call. The emergent process however, can sometimes be a startling and painful evolution. Vickie Spray is a spiritual counselor who offers a bridge for that awakening and transformational development. She walks beside her clients as they discover their true identity. Her clients drop the old story created by family of origin, culture and religion and reclaim their own story of empowerment, clarity and possibility. They move outside the box of self-limiting identity. She helps them discover their unique purpose and to experience themselves as authentic human beings who know they can live more joyous and peaceful lives.  They become their own healers in the process, and this changes our world. Drawing upon her personal healing and spiritual journey, her years of study and her experience with walking with people in their awakening, she offers an avenue for people to claim their true inheritance. Vickie Spray provides private sessions, conducts workshops and retreats. Vickie has a women’s spirit group that meets on Wednesday nights at her office at 1304 East 6th Ave. Check her availability



Phone: (850)322-6944

Healing in the Playground

“Once everyday life is recognised as a playground of spiritual evolution, the real goal is learning how to courageously stand at the forefront of your own healing journey.” Matt Kahn
I love this because it is the “everyday” experiences that can act as a small chisel against our resolve to claim our true nature. By seeing my daily life as a “playground of spiritual evolution,” I am put in touch with the playfulness of life and the inner transformation that can occur in my mind, my body, and my spirit. Our individual transformation changes the world.light being

When We Cry

When we cry for our losses, we are, in that moment, in love with ourselves. In that moment, we honor our grief and we heal it by allowing our bodies to release the restrained sadness of the past so that we may live more fully in the present.1937140_10153268434816512_7217654754257296999_n.

Heal When Giving

v logo (580x800)When we step into our power, the approval or disapproval (past or present) of others is of no consequence. We set ourselves free from the restraints of expectations and from the fear of success or failure.


Final 2016 Lodestar

final Flyer St George. jpg Gift Certificate Move On move on box 

She Wanted to Die

She wanted to die. She was willing to end her life. But then she decided to heal the core belief of her identity. And then she decided to live. And in that decision, she discovered her true identity. She found herself to be worthy. She felt herself expand into her possibility. She kept the faith that there was something inside of her that has never been damaged by anything anyone did to her and unsullied by anything she has done to herself. Another life saved by the renewing of one’s mind.

light and woman

v logo (580x800)Vickie Spray, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Group Facilitator, Women’s Retreats



I am a Spiritual Counselor. I teach you to expand beyond your pain and move into your power. I help you discover your unique purpose and to experience yourself as someone with all the authority you need to make the changes you seek. I offer a bridge between traditional therapy and organized religion. I simply walk beside you as you discover who you are outside a box of self-limiting identity.  You will become your own healer in the process and this changes our world. Drawing upon my own dynamic healing, spiritual journey and years of study and training in the mystical traditions, I assist you in the way you most need to be served in the place where you presently stand in your journey in life. I conduct retreats, workshops and I facilitate an ongoing women’s spirituality group that meet on Wednesdays. All women are welcome. I provide private consultations which are 1hr and ½ and are on sliding scale $60-120$. 850-322-6944

Who is Ready?

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