Humans Free Themselves

Spiritual Counseling Tip: There is something in each human that constantly seeks freedom. That something knows exactly what it needs to facilitate that freedom. One of the main things it “needs” is for the will of the human mind to get on board with the invitation to be free. Free from what? Worry is one of the most counterproductive tendencies that prevent humans from experiencing freedom. Worry is seen as love, used as a coping mechanism, and sometimes latched onto for getting something a human may want.  The approach is a negative seeking a positive. It is subtle and extremely powerful. It creates a gerbil cage of unmet desires.

A way to break the habit of worry is to recognize when it is happening. That will startle a human out of the sleepwalking approach to life that humans tend to use until we see that a particular method for living is counterproductive.   A mantra for this awakening can be surprisingly useful.

Mantra: I am willing to learn the practice of letting go of worry. My body agrees.

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