Who is Ready?

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Horse Pole DancerJourney Circle For Women!


Wouldn’t you like to share your story in writing, collage, art or some other type of creative expression?

Where did you start and where are you now? What’s next in your next phase of life?

Honoring Our Path Toward Ourselves ~ Sharing Our Path With Others

You have dipped and turned and twisted. You have halted and then sputtered back alive again. You have overcome and learned new depths of nonresistance. You have discovered a new understanding of the real you and the real world.


Come gather with other women who want to share their journey with other women! This is a safe and non-competitive environment where we are allowed to be witness to another woman’s path.

Open to 20 participants. RSVP required.

Each woman will have 3-5 minutes to express her inspired creation!

A salad will be served.

Please car pool!

An easel will be provided for your art.

Time: 10am-1:00am

Date: June 28th

Vickie Spray’s Residence:. Directions will be provided after registration!

Cost: $35.00 First come first served!

Contact Vickie: vickiespray@yourlifeexpressions.com  850-322-6944



logo textMy acceptance of whatever is happening in any given moment has within it the power to transform any situation. It is a power that provides clarity, strength and willingness. My acceptance declares myself in charge of whatever is happening. It is a power that cannot be minimized by shame, negated by fear or stolen by circumstance because the circumstance has been seen for what it is: a circumstance.   My acceptance is an invitation for higher consciousness to step through the door and reveal itself to me so that my next set of action steps are imbued with that infinite wisdom. In this way Life and I walk as partners instead of foe. There is an ease and a grace, like an unencumbered river, at the core of my choices and my decisions.  In this way, some of the mysteries of life come forth and live with me in the minutes of my day, and the quiet of my nights. No struggle. No fighting. No fear of me getting off the path or going the wrong way. I accept the path. I accept the curve in the path. I accept the twist and the back-loops of the path. It is the path I have yearned to walk and so I will walk it.

So Many Humans Have Decided To Be Free


Within You


We Were Born Perfect


In Service and In Purpose

v logoServices Offered


Ceremony-Marriage, Moving On, Transitions, New Residence, Calling in support from the Un-seen.


Spiritual Counseling– This is the next step in our human evolution toward healing human wounds. By the use of mystical spiritual practices, by becoming an observer and then director of our thoughts and by recognizing the wounds we have experienced from religious dogma, we become our own healer.  1 1/2 hr sessions. $60.00-$120.00 Sliding Scale



 Beach Retreats– Retreats for women ready to move into their power and their peace.

Workshops-Workshops for women-Relationship Healing, Letting Go of the Past,  Finding your Courage,  Forgiving Our Mothers! Bring a friend!


Evolvetalk.com– This is a video website where social and spiritual visionaries come into the Evolvetalk studio and their presentation of ideas and plans for a more evolved community and world is put on video and then released to all social media.


Spiritual Group–  Women who meet  every Wednesday as a way to stay connected to our spiritual selves and to remember that we are so much more than bodies living an earthly life! Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 $10.00 Bring a friend!


A Minute Of Healing Our Disfunctional Paradise


Fear Turned Into Gritty Steps in My Path

Nothing obstructs my path except for those things my fear has placed before me. Though the obstructions are hidden and live unseen in my mind, I become aware of them when I crash into the wall of their power. Ah, but my spirit of courage and inquiry flushes the hidden into view! Now that they are viewed from the light of my spirit, they are changed and melt into my path offering the sure footing of gritty steps that lead to my expansion.

Spiritual Journey Tip:

The ego (simply the belief that your body with all of its vulnerabilities and abilities is your true identity and must be guarded and defended at ALL costs) will always attempt to claim you for itself. It cannot help itself. It is hardwired to protect who it thinks it is. And it will never go away as long as we are in human form.

But our spiritual evolution has us turn our focus away from the finite capacity of our human form toward the unseen realm of our Being. The power of life is in the unseen. It leaves our bodies when we die and our bodies collapse.  The leaf moves when the wind nudges it to move. “There is no power in effect.” Joel Goldsmith.

As we surrender, which is the prompting from our souls, toward our true identity, the ego rages as it feels like it is being attacked. In the beginning of the spiritual journey, the roller coaster ride of surrendering to our true calling is a frightful experience. And it does not last. The ego EVENTUALLY relaxes as it knows its desire to maintain life is an illusion. It can’t. It does not have the power.

As we focus more and more on this unseen power, the ego withers. I call it the Great Withering. It is in this way that we become fully alive. Fear does not blind us to our true magnificence. The body comes alive as it is illuminated from within allowing us to fully enjoy our five senses.

Yes, it is true that the ego must do what it must do to survive. This impulse has allowed humans to flourish when we would have died off otherwise. But the unseen can’t help itself either. It is quiet and assured of its identity knowing that time is a friend to humans. Time allows us to evolve into spiritual beings in human form who fully enjoy life in a universe that has its own evolution.

Practice Saying 100 times a day: I Am a part of the grand design.
See what happens.