If You Are Ready

no mud no lotusVickie Spray has assisted many in their awakening process. Humanity is being called to stir and to walk into a place of higher consciousness and her clients are answering that call. The emergent process however, can sometimes be a startling and painful evolution. Vickie Spray is a spiritual counselor who offers a bridge for that awakening and transformational development. She walks beside her clients as they discover their true identity. Her clients drop the old story created by family of origin, culture and religion and reclaim their own story of empowerment, clarity and possibility. They move outside the box of self-limiting identity. She helps them discover their unique purpose and to experience themselves as authentic human beings who know they can live more joyous and peaceful lives.  They become their own healers in the process, and this changes our world. Drawing upon her personal healing and spiritual journey, her years of study and her experience with walking with people in their awakening, she offers an avenue for people to claim their true inheritance. Vickie Spray provides private sessions, conducts workshops and retreats. Vickie has a women’s spirit group that meets on Wednesday nights at her office at 1304 East 6th Ave. Check her availability

Email: YourLifeExpressions@gmail.com

Website:  www.yourlifeexpressions.com

Phone: (850)322-6944

Healing in the Playground

“Once everyday life is recognised as a playground of spiritual evolution, the real goal is learning how to courageously stand at the forefront of your own healing journey.” Matt Kahn
I love this because it is the “everyday” experiences that can act as a small chisel against our resolve to claim our true nature. By seeing my daily life as a “playground of spiritual evolution,” I am put in touch with the playfulness of life and the inner transformation that can occur in my mind, my body, and my spirit. Our individual transformation changes the world.light being

When We Cry

When we cry for our losses, we are, in that moment, in love with ourselves. In that moment, we honor our grief and we heal it by allowing our bodies to release the restrained sadness of the past so that we may live more fully in the present.1937140_10153268434816512_7217654754257296999_n.

Heal When Giving

v logo (580x800)When we step into our power, the approval or disapproval (past or present) of others is of no consequence. We set ourselves free from the restraints of expectations and from the fear of success or failure.


Final 2016 Lodestar

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She Wanted to Die

She wanted to die. She was willing to end her life. But then she decided to heal the core belief of her identity. And then she decided to live. And in that decision, she discovered her true identity. She found herself to be worthy. She felt herself expand into her possibility. She kept the faith that there was something inside of her that has never been damaged by anything anyone did to her and unsullied by anything she has done to herself. Another life saved by the renewing of one’s mind.

light and woman

v logo (580x800)Vickie Spray, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Group Facilitator, Women’s Retreats




I am a Spiritual Counselor. I teach you to expand beyond your pain and move into your power. I help you discover your unique purpose and to experience yourself as someone with all the authority you need to make the changes you seek. I offer a bridge between traditional therapy and organized religion. I simply walk beside you as you discover who you are outside a box of self-limiting identity.  You will become your own healer in the process and this changes our world. Drawing upon my own dynamic healing, spiritual journey and years of study and training in the mystical traditions, I assist you in the way you most need to be served in the place where you presently stand in your journey in life. I conduct retreats, workshops and I facilitate an ongoing women’s spirituality group that meet on Wednesdays. All women are welcome. I provide private consultations which are 1hr and ½ and are on sliding scale $60-120$.  vickiespray@yourlifeeexpressions.com 850-322-6944

Who is Ready?

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Horse Pole DancerJourney Circle For Women!


Wouldn’t you like to share your story in writing, collage, art or some other type of creative expression?

Where did you start and where are you now? What’s next in your next phase of life?

Honoring Our Path Toward Ourselves ~ Sharing Our Path With Others

You have dipped and turned and twisted. You have halted and then sputtered back alive again. You have overcome and learned new depths of nonresistance. You have discovered a new understanding of the real you and the real world.


Come gather with other women who want to share their journey with other women! This is a safe and non-competitive environment where we are allowed to be witness to another woman’s path.

Open to 20 participants. RSVP required.

Each woman will have 3-5 minutes to express her inspired creation!

A salad will be served.

Please car pool!

An easel will be provided for your art.

Time: 10am-1:00am

Date: June 28th

Vickie Spray’s Residence:. Directions will be provided after registration!

Cost: $35.00 First come first served!

Contact Vickie: vickiespray@yourlifeexpressions.com  850-322-6944



logo textMy acceptance of whatever is happening in any given moment has within it the power to transform any situation. It is a power that provides clarity, strength and willingness. My acceptance declares myself in charge of whatever is happening. It is a power that cannot be minimized by shame, negated by fear or stolen by circumstance because the circumstance has been seen for what it is: a circumstance.   My acceptance is an invitation for higher consciousness to step through the door and reveal itself to me so that my next set of action steps are imbued with that infinite wisdom. In this way Life and I walk as partners instead of foe. There is an ease and a grace, like an unencumbered river, at the core of my choices and my decisions.  In this way, some of the mysteries of life come forth and live with me in the minutes of my day, and the quiet of my nights. No struggle. No fighting. No fear of me getting off the path or going the wrong way. I accept the path. I accept the curve in the path. I accept the twist and the back-loops of the path. It is the path I have yearned to walk and so I will walk it.

So Many Humans Have Decided To Be Free