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Answering Your Call

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The Call of the Higher Self

 Moving Beyond Mind-Body

  Workshop with Vickie Spray and Mary Waller


The call from our Higher Self is an invitation to move beyond our fear-body responses and experience our original wisdom, power and possibility. We are capable of learning how to tap into the infinite wisdom of the Universe and to know ourselves as a part of that Universe. We are now living in the Great Human Awakening. It is a powerful shift in consciousness and it cannot be stopped. It is growing in intensity. We must each ask ourselves if we are willing to transcend our narrow interpretation of reality.

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Group Witness
  • Question and Answer
  • Video
  • Technique for Overcoming Old Beliefs


When: August 14th     1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Price: $45.00

Where: Abundance Wellness Center 325 John Knox Road


VIDEO: https://youtu.be/uaHWcnuf-gA

Vickie Spray 850-322-6944

Register: yourlifeexpressions@gmail.com


What is a Spiritual Counselor?


 Many people are now looking for opportunities to expand further into a deeper and personal jurisdiction of their own truth. They have felt something- an energy, a force, flashes of insight, but what they have sensed does not fit within the realm of structured religions. They see that the world is off track and religion has sometimes done more to perpetuate the pain in humanity than it has to assuage it. They feel that they are evolving (this word comes from Latin evolutio, which denoted specifically the unrolling of a papyrus or parchment roll) further into the understanding of who they are as Spirit Beings or Energy Beings living in human form. Through the centuries, the mystics have revealed to us the possibility of the spirit within and many humans are now discovering that truth for themselves. But how do they reconcile what they have been taught in their childhood and culture with what they have felt within their own mind and heart? Where can they go to discover how they may live in authentic relationship to the world they were born into?  They sense that the knowledge they seek is within them but how do they get there from where they stand?


    Spiritual Counselors simply recognize the inner spiritual influence in each person’s life and offer to show the client the magnificence of what they see.  When we live from a place of our magnificent Spiritual Self, our human self can experience the ease in which life can be lived. They assist people in their journey toward spiritual clarity. If the client feels she or he has suffered from religious dogma and feels that this hinders her or him in following the inner spiritual urge, the Spiritual Counselor assists the client to heal this wound and to help with the disconnection they feel from their inner spirit.  Spiritual Counselors can support people as they tap into the part of themselves they have suspected was there all along and teach them how to live from that place of acuity. They are a bridge that helps people cross over from lack of spiritual identity to a solid understanding of relationship to their inner Spirit.  In our near future, there will be as many Spiritual Counselors as there presently are psychological and emotional therapists. The world is slowly recognizing the need for this type of help in our human walk.


As a Spiritual Counselor, I know that regardless of the religious background or the many erroneous beliefs that undermine our true contentedness on this earth, our inner spirit is moving us toward the expansion of our authentic power. In my healing practice, I assist my clients, workshop attendees, and retreat participants by intense listening and sacred acknowledgment of that spiritual expansion.  I know that the life force in them has always nudged them toward their highest potential and it will continue to do so. It cannot help itself.

There is a great need for a clear identity of who we truly are on this earthly journey. Our spirits want us to know the power that we are a part of and how to be free from the entanglements of the mind and man-made religions.   This earth is a paradise on which we can live joyful and exuberant lives. The only obstacle in the way of that peaceful lifestyle is the belief that we are flawed human beings destined to live out lives of small thinking in bondage to self-defeating beliefs. Our worth is not what we do or what we have done but in whom we are as Source Energy.  I am a bridge that assists people toward this powerful wisdom.

Where Strength Abounds

A friend once told me that when she is able to feel the quiet force of the Universe she feels an abounding love. I responded that when I am able to feel the quiet force of the Universe, I feel power. I could tell from the look on her face that this startled her and it may have even made her a little afraid.

I have since come to realize that I did not know the type of love that she was talking about and she did not know the type of power that I was talking about and that we were talking about the same thing. I can say this because I recently woke up from a deep sleep and felt this powerful love.

It was the strangest thing because this feeling was not coming from me. I was actually only a witness. What happened was that I woke up and instantly felt something I had never felt before being directed toward two of my friends who happen to be a long- term couple. It came from the right of me and was complete in itself, unadulterated and unshakable. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was love!

This love did not seem to have any expectation of anything in return. It had a “Just Is” quality to it and I trusted it immediately. I felt the intensity of it’s being and yet I knew instinctively that it had no purpose. It was being what it Is. It was not revved up for this particular occasion. I did not come upon it in my dreams and discover something new. It was there and had been there for a very long time. It was kindness and compassion. It was penetrable and impenetrable. I suppose, now that I look at that evening, that the power was not only in its unmovable quality but in its total lack of concern, this sounds funny, for other people’s opinion. It was going to do what it Is and it needed nothing else from anything else to accomplish what it naturally does in its being. I remember thinking, Ah! This is the Being I have been reading about and feeling little nudges from!

My friends did not respond. I had the feeling they were just going about their daily lives while this power directed its love toward them. It occurred to me that this happens a lot. That an amazing source of love is working in our behalf and we are mostly oblivious. I do not remember that I had any judgment around this thoght. I do remember thinking how strange it was that my friends could have this much undeviating interest from the Universe and they be so seemingly unaware of its presence. To my credit, I quickly asked myself if I walk around in my daily life with the full awareness of this kind of love. The answer is no. No judgment (well, maybe a little).

But, also to my credit, since that night of being a witness to this powerful love, I have been deciding to become aware of its presence in my life. Some amazing things are happening in direct result of that night’s grace and my deepening decision to pay attention. There were a few other images on that night of insight that I am still processing. The glimpse I have received of the existence of a powerful love has filled me with a hope I did not have previously and a strength that bolsters me in a way I could not have predicted.