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My Mother and Me-Workshop

Mother/Daughter relationships can be the most complex relationship we will ever have in our lifetime and one that deserves a healing clarity. This workshop will use writing to safely explore our relationships (or lack there-of) with our mothers. Whatever your connection with your mother, past or present, writing about it gives you the power to remove unresolved and confusing emotions.

Have you wanted to write?
You can write whatever it is you would like to write. This is about you and your mother and you get to tell the story in the way that helps you understand your relationship and to heal if healing is needed.

Are you worried about how well you write?
Don’t be! This workshop is about you getting words on paper for your healing and personal growth. Writing is just the tool being used for this purpose. No worries about punctuation, spelling, grammar, and no worries of dangling anything. Only rule: confidentiality and that you give yourself the gift of your writing and your spirit.

“From our earliest days, we each need an accurate reflection of our essential nature in order to thrive. I have found Vickie’s way of inquiry to be a startling and an accurate reflection of myself that is supportive, kind and healing. I am certain that, for many of us, Vickie offers a type of brief therapy that will clarify the path to the future we most desire. Don’t miss this unique opportunity
to work with her and to have her as an ally.”
Norine Cardea, LMHC

Workshop~ January 17th 2010 ~ 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Cost~ $35.00~ includes lunch of some kind of delicious soup.
Where~ Vickie’s Residence-space is limited so please register ASAP.
Schedule of events~ An inspiring talk concerning the power and healing that writing about our experiences can bring. This will be followed by a writing assignment and then we will talk and share what you wrote if you want. All writing is confidential.
Please contact Vickie Spray to register.
850-322-6944 or 850-926-7065
Vickie Spray is a Therapeutic Writing Coach, writer, self-help columnist, inspirational speaker, and a non-traditional minister.

It is Delicious


I have concentrated on understanding the world and Spirit for most of my life. Lately, I have been thinking about laying down my need for understanding. It feels right to do this at this juncture in my life. My mind has taken me on this amazing journey of seeing the world beneath the physical and now I want to soak in that world and relax.
I feel myself give up my furrowed brow and heightened stance of attendance. My mind becomes unclogged of truths, insights, and knowledge. I lesson my hold onto my need to comprehend. When I do this, walls fall.
It is the wall between the me that I have known and the me that exist as everything else exist. I become aware of the lack of physical separation between everything that I previously knew to be separate. There is an aliveness and a “just isness” happening simultaneous to my surrender. My thinking is not needed nor do I depend on my thinking to interpret what is happening. My writer’s mind relinquishes the desire to document my feeling of being translucent and enmeshed with all that surrounds me. I am not separate and it is delicious.