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Relationship Healing Night and More!

A Sharing Workshop
All types of artistic expression are welcome!

• Relationship Healing Night is about sharing your creative expression of art, writing, poetry, song, dance, performance, or spoken word relevant to the experience of relationships.

• Relationship Healing Night is a chance to actively clear the relationship debris from your future path. We acknowledge our relationship influences and then we choose what power they will have in our future.

• Relationship Healing Night is an opportunity to express awareness, empowerment, and acceptance.

• Relationship Healing Night is about becoming more of the person you were meant to become by clearing a wider path to your own voice.

• Relationship Healing Night could simply mean attending this workshop and walking away with a better understanding of your life’s journey and your authentic SELF.

February 26th Relationship Healing Night 7:00-9:30 $45.00
Nothing to share? Let’s create something!

Future Healing Nights!
RELIGION~ March 26th 7-9:30 $45.00
BEING A WOMAN~ April 30th 7-9:30 $45.00
Questions and/or to Register contact Vickie Spray (850)322-6944

From One Flame to Another


Vickie Spray-Spiritual Mentor
Free Initial Consultation

Vickie Spray uses a non-religious and spiritual approach to help claim self
trust, self reliance, and self power. She recognizes that almost everyone
senses the harm in the world’s demand for obedient servants, dogmatic
religious teachings, and fear. The painful entanglements based on the lies
of insecurity and voiceless existence are disengaged to reveal an authentic
self. She assists in the committed realignment to Flame-Self, the spark that
has awaited our return. Vickie is an ordained minister whose story of
healing and reclamation has inspired others to claim the right to a full and
unapologetic life.