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Healing Night 2011

We will have Healing Night this year if there is enough interest!
Also a free workshop “How Many Freak’en Layers Are There? –A Spiritual Approach to Healing may also be offered following Healing Night 2011.

Please contact one of us as soon as you can so that we can determine the interest.
Vickie Spray at 322-6944
Robin McDougall at 212-0760

Your Writing-Your Art-Your Attendance

So many women have experienced a deeper healing through their participation
and/or attendance at Healing Night. If you have heard of Healing Night you know how powerful this experience is.

This is an event for women who use any art form as a way to heal from the experience of emotional or physical abuse. Women are invited to display any type
of creative object, read their written work or act in any type of
performance piece they choose while in the company of other supportive
women. And they can just show up as well!

New Name Same Healing

Healing Group
A Spiritual and Physical Approach to Claiming Your True Possibility

The group meets each Thursday for six weeks. Diane Arnold, an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, leads the group in 20 to 25 minutes of individualized cardio, simple exercises and stretches that prepare the participants for the group discussion. The exercise is geared toward each member’s level of physical ability.

Then Vickie Spray, Spiritual Adviser, facilitates an exploration into creating the life you want to create. We courageously look into our habits, attachments and unconscious choices and make a shift toward our Spiritual possibility. It is a journey worth taking.

We meet on Thursdays 6:00-7:30 p.m. at 3330 Shadowmoss Drive.

You may come to one or all sessions!

Next six week session begins :
July 28th, 2011

Vickie Spray is a Spiritual Adviser who assists others on their path of spiritual healing. She has inspired many with her own story of healing and reclamation. She facilitates the group sessions with the purpose of leading people back toward the Flame-Self, that part of us that has been called God, Universe, Spirit, and many other names. Though religious dogma has created much pain in many of us, the group seeks to rediscover the life force within for wisdom, strength and love.

Diane Arnold

As an Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist, I had envisioned that I would impact the lives of others by helping everyone who approached me to reconnect with self and their source of energy through exercise. I understood that that reconnection would have to be on a physical and mental level, and there is no separation of the two. My ten years of training experience has prepared me to assist Sugar Off! participants in their effort toward LEAP-Lifestyle Enrichment through Active Participation.