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Beneath the Surface

The pain at the bottom of the well is the kind of pain that will scream for help and receive only an echo in response. The self that is chewing the muck has lost its way and the light that shines dimly above the distant lip of the well might as well not be there at all. That person, there in the dark within the confines of the hole in the ground has nothing within themselves that can surmount the overwhelming obstacle of that dark place. This is what they believe and belief creates reality.
There has been a lifetime of discouragement from a world whose ideas on life are based in fear and the anxiousness that fear creates. The world dictated what success looks like and what happiness feels like. The world had told them that some people are more important than others. The world told them that there was a god and that god angers easily, he (always a he) wants something from you and if you do not give it, you will be cast out and forever forgotten. The world has declared who is pretty, who should be granted privilege and who should be thought less than the rest. It is at the bottom, with the grit between their teeth that they decide if the world was right in its judgments. It is there that they will birth themselves or allow the past to bury them. It is possible that there, beneath the earth surface they will see the glow of their true nature. It is possible that the quiet will reveal the hum of the universe that is within them. It is there where they will decide if they will live or if they will die. The pain has brought them to a place they were too afraid to go to on their own. But here they are. They may choose life or they may allow their will to give its final sigh.
Vickie Spray
Copyright 2011