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Your Life Expressions presents:
Free-Style DANCING at ARTS!
For Women Who Just Want More

I have more fun!
I stop worrying about what others think!
I release the inner child in me!
I replenish my well!
I do something for ME!
I reconnect to my SPIRIT!
I network with other women!
I exercise more!

WHY NOT? Give yourself one night a month of free-form dancing just for the joy of it! Enjoy a positive night of no-pressure dancing with friends.

Alcohol Free
Child Care Provided

We meet 6-8 on the 3rd Sunday of every month starting March18th.
Cost: $10.00 plus $5.00 for childcare.
ARTS 2743 Capital Circle NE Suite 105 in Esposito’s Garden Center .
Just show up! Or contact Vickie Spray at: 850-322-6944


The reason (besides his muscled legs and the fact that he was in his underwear) that the dance Tom Cruise did in the movie Risky Business was so popular was because he is his own Valentine. Same for Ellen (no last name needed here) when she comes out dancing and all those women hoot and holler and watch every move Ellen makes. She is her own Valentine. They are both beautiful boxes of chocolate, a dozen red roses and pleasurable kisses.

You do not have to be a dancer to be your own Valentine. What you do need however is to know how beautiful you are. That light behind Tom and Ellen’s eyes comes from inside of them and yes, granted, it does help that they are both physically beautiful, but that is not what the spark in their eyes is all about. That is not what drove them to seek their dream of acting. That is not what has allowed them to move through their dream career year after year becoming who they came to this earth to become. They love themselves.

Sure, you can say, “What’s not to love?” We must remember that Ellen had to come to a place of total acceptance of who she was in a culture that could have spit her out like plum pit when she came out of the closet. A Valentine believes in who she is. And for Tom..well, there must be something in his closet that he had to overcome!

Being your own Valentine only requires that you drop any negative thought you have believed about yourself. Drop them, throw them, toss them, spit them out, write them down and burn them, or say them out loud so that they leave your consciousness and remain outside of your mind. No more beating yourself up. No more self-flagellation. No more allowing the negative words someone else said to you to roam in your mind. You cannot be your own Valentine and also believe the crap the world may have told you.

Fill that void where self-dislike once resided and insert a truth about yourself that you have never given yourself permission to believe. People who are their own Valentine know their attributes. They know they are not perfect and they do not want to be perfect. Who they want to be is THEMSELVES. They know they have something to offer this world and they do not make any apologies for it. They are not pompous, they simply have allowed themselves to live a fun-loving life that recognizes their Valentine status and they know harsh judgment comes from non-Valentine sorts of folks. They ignore what non-Valentine folks say because non-Valentine folks do not know what they are talking about. It seems to me that 2012 would be an excellent year to become your own Valentine.

Vickie Spray is a Spiritual Adviser who assists people in finding their own inner Valentine. She can be reached at 850-322-6944 or