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Forgiving (at least a little bit) Our Mothers 101

  A Spiritual Healing of Adult Daughters

                                    with Vickie Spray

 August 19th 2:30-5:30

The complex relationship between mother and daughter can create a vat of anger, confusion and feelings of betrayal.  This one relationship between mother and daughter permeates our relationship with our friends, our partners, and our children, particularly our daughters.


This workshop will help you release your hold on the disappointments and compacted feelings you may have carried into and throughout your adult years concerning the relationship (or lack thereof) with your mother. It might be time for some clarity.  



  • She does not have to say she is sorry for you to heal the pain you feel from your mother/daughter relationship.
  • The entanglement of identities of mother and daughter can burden your ability to see yourself and your mother clearly as separate Beings.
  • Expectations of who you “should have” been as daughter and who your mother “should have” been as mother are compassionately examined and evaluated as beliefs that have caused harm to the most important relationship a woman can have.  


Where: ARTS 2743 Capital Circle NE Suite 105 a few doors down from Esposito’s Garden Center .


Just show up! Or contact Vickie Spray at: 850-322-6944


When: May 27th   3PM – 6PM

Sliding Scale: $15-$100

Please contact:      850-322-6944