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Become Your Own Healer

The strongest people I know are women who seek to discover their authentic voice even though they live in a warped culture and may have come from a dysfunctional family. They have something to say, something to do and a thriving life to be lived. They recognized long ago that they did not fit into mainstream religion, Daddy Knows Best families, or a world that negates a woman’s power. They have overcome addictions and want to move to the next level.

But some influences from the world they were born into may be hindering the forward movement in relationships, careers, and personal growth. 

Are you stuck? Do you have dreams that seem illusive? Do you want to be comfortable in your own skin? That is why I am creating a space for women to grow into their absolute possibility. A new Personal Growth support group is starting up to help you reach dreams, and to expand beyond fears and belief systems that may be sabotaging what is possible within you.

You can realize the power carry within you. If you are caught in an old pattern, you can learn to rely on that innate wisdom that nudges you past your fears. You can hone the ability to hear your own voice.  You can break through the unseen obstacles that have kept you from your authentic self.

Come and be a witness to your own journey and power. Bring a friend!

We will meet 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month

Beginning September 4th 6:30-8:00

This is not a series so you can just come to the ones that fit your schedule.

$10.00 each time you attend

Please call or email Vickie Spray

Building A Shed in Spirit

 These are some of the notes I wrote down on a piece of plywood with a carpenters pencil as I was putting together a metal shed. I wrote them down because I kept finding similarities between building a shed and my spiritual journey.   ha! Who knew that building a shed could be a spiritual practice?

Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the number of pieces that must be put together.

It is not always best to fit pieces together “as shown.”

Don’t use ANY energy on lamenting that “they” “should” have written the directions better.

Don’t force it.

Do not use ANY energy on the idea that this “shouldn’t be taking so long.

Always celebrate when things align.

Trust your inner voice.

Ask for help.

If you some pieces together incorrectly and have to take it apart do not beat yourself up.

Use the right tools.

Give yourself permission to take breaks and walk away from the whole freaken mess for as long as it takes to feel like walking back with a deepened commitment to the project.

Don’t use ANY energy on thoughts like, “They NEVER give good directions for putting things together.”

It does not help to whine.

Remember to pay attention to the soft breeze even if it feels like the rush of air from an opened door of heated oven.

Pay attention to happiness of the birds as you work.

Measure twice before committing to a particular action.

Disavow the belief that it has to be hard.  

Tap into the unseen forces whose job it is to assist us on this earthly journey. They know things.

Keep the finished project in mind. If you cannot picture it, then feel what it will feel like to have completed the project.  Feed that feeling!