Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Bridge Between Traditional Therapy and Organized Religion

My purpose as a Spiritual Counselor is to help seekers expand their understanding of themselves by learning how to identify and fully live their spiritual possibility. I help them discover who they are outside a box of self-limiting identity.  By knowing who they are, they discover their unique possibility and experience wholeness as spiritual human beings. By knowing who they are, they are able to live peaceful, service-full and powerful lives. They become their own healers and this changes the world in which we all live.

As a minister, I use knowledge of ancient and modern mystics and teachers to help my clients arrive at their own inner wisdom. I offer a bridge between traditional therapy and organized religion. I work with many people whose religious upbringing failed to fulfill their spiritual hunger. I also work with those who have had little or no traditionally identified spiritual life and who simply need someone to walk beside them on their discovery of the spiritual aspects of life. Drawing upon my own healing and spiritual journey I serve my clients in their spiritual reclamation which inevitably heals human wounds.

Vickie conducts workshops, retreats and provides private consultations. She can be contacted at: 850-322-6944