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Story Circle-Write Your Story

 Your Life Expressions Presents

Write Your Story

Tallahassee Story Circle

Beginning November 3rd 3-5pm

1st Sunday of the Month


“A Story Circle is a group of women who come together on a regular basis to write, share, and celebrate the stories of their lives.” –Story Circle Network

 We all have stories that yearn to be told. They can be voiced through prose, poetry, or non-fiction, but the stories of our lives deserve attention. Women have long benefitted from hearing about the experiences of other women. As witnesses to another woman’s story, we empower ourselves each time we hear how she overcame a weakness or how she met a specific challenge. We are made wiser by hearing the path of a woman to her specific wisdom. We are made more compassionate toward ourselves when we tell our stories within the safe environment of empathetic women. And we laugh, because life is just sometimes outrageously funny.

“We     write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection…We write to     be able to transcend our life, to reach beyond it. We write to teach     ourselves to speak with others, to record the journey into the labyrinth.”

-Anais Nin


What was my most significant life experience?

  • What stories from my life always come up in conversation?
  • Who influenced or influences my life?
  • What home brings up the most poignant memories?
  • Which story from my life best illustrates who I am?


Here’s How It Works: There will only be (up to) 8 women in this group. We meet the first Sunday of the month. You sign up for six months for $78.00 ($13.00 each month) If you want to continue in the group, your place in the group will be held when the next 6 month group forms (which will most likely be the following month after the first one ends). Our goal, as a group will be to assist one another in our writing. There will be time for writing, sharing and gentle critiquing.


LOCATION: 1304 East 6th Avenue  ~  One block away from TMH~ Corner of Lee and 6th


PLEASE CONTACT:  Vickie L. Spray  ~  ~  850-322-6944