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2014 Forgiving Ourselves and Others    

One Hour That Could Change Your Life

January 5, 2014 6:30-7:30

Acknowledge~ Release~ Release Again

1st Annual Event for Living in New Consciousness


For people who want to live without holding a grudge against themselves or others in the upcoming year 2014.

  • We take responsibility for our own pain
  • We acknowledge wrongs we have done toward ourselves
  • We acknowledge wrongs done to others
  • We are willing, as much as we are able, to release our hope that the past can change
  • We are willing, as much as we are able, to release ourselves from guilt for the hurt we have caused ourselves and others
  • We are willing, as much as we are able, to release any form of resentment toward others for the hurt they have caused us or others 


    ARTS- 2743 Capital Circle NE Suite 105

    A few doors down from Espositos behind Carrabba’s on Capital Circle NE

Contact Vickie Spray at:


Please bring a journal/notebook. Donations accepted.

Spiritual Counseling – The Next Step in the Healing of Our Minds

Spiritual Counseling– This is a bridge that crosses over religious dogma. Many people feel they must abandon their spiritual journey when they step away from organized religion.  They can experience a loss of the feeling they are connected to the Great Unseen. Many have been in limbo, not knowing that the spiritual connection they were seeking can be nurtured and honored without religion. Life can compound the feeling of separation and years add to more and more human wounds. My spiritual counseling helps people become their own healers. I help individuals transcend the human condition of fear, angst, regret and confusion by helping them obtain a new understanding of spiritual awareness. I assist them in their reclamation of their true identity as powerful Beings. We move forward in our human evolution by recognizing we are so much more than humans on an earthly journey! By the use of mystical spiritual practices, by becoming an observer and then director of our thoughts and by recognizing the wounds we have experienced from religious dogma, we grow into our spiritual Being-ness.

 $50.00-$120.00 Sliding Scale- One hour and a half sessions.