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Spiritual Journey Tip:

The ego (simply the belief that your body with all of its vulnerabilities and abilities is your true identity and must be guarded and defended at ALL costs) will always attempt to claim you for itself. It cannot help itself. It is hardwired to protect who it thinks it is. And it will never go away as long as we are in human form.

But our spiritual evolution has us turn our focus away from the finite capacity of our human form toward the unseen realm of our Being. The power of life is in the unseen. It leaves our bodies when we die and our bodies collapse.  The leaf moves when the wind nudges it to move. “There is no power in effect.” Joel Goldsmith.

As we surrender, which is the prompting from our souls, toward our true identity, the ego rages as it feels like it is being attacked. In the beginning of the spiritual journey, the roller coaster ride of surrendering to our true calling is a frightful experience. And it does not last. The ego EVENTUALLY relaxes as it knows its desire to maintain life is an illusion. It can’t. It does not have the power.

As we focus more and more on this unseen power, the ego withers. I call it the Great Withering. It is in this way that we become fully alive. Fear does not blind us to our true magnificence. The body comes alive as it is illuminated from within allowing us to fully enjoy our five senses.

Yes, it is true that the ego must do what it must do to survive. This impulse has allowed humans to flourish when we would have died off otherwise. But the unseen can’t help itself either. It is quiet and assured of its identity knowing that time is a friend to humans. Time allows us to evolve into spiritual beings in human form who fully enjoy life in a universe that has its own evolution.

Practice Saying 100 times a day: I Am a part of the grand design.
See what happens.