Monthly Archives: February 2016

Healing in the Playground

“Once everyday life is recognised as a playground of spiritual evolution, the real goal is learning how to courageously stand at the forefront of your own healing journey.” Matt Kahn
I love this because it is the “everyday” experiences that can act as a small chisel against our resolve to claim our true nature. By seeing my daily life as a “playground of spiritual evolution,” I am put in touch with the playfulness of life and the inner transformation that can occur in my mind, my body, and my spirit. Our individual transformation changes the world.light being

When We Cry

When we cry for our losses, we are, in that moment, in love with ourselves. In that moment, we honor our grief and we heal it by allowing our bodies to release the restrained sadness of the past so that we may live more fully in the present.1937140_10153268434816512_7217654754257296999_n.