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Still Small Voice Meditation Guided

A guided meditation given to you by a spiritual counselor.

Find your peace, power and insight within a short pause in your day.

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If You Are Ready

no mud no lotusVickie Spray has assisted many in their awakening process. Humanity is being called to stir and to walk into a place of higher consciousness and her clients are answering that call. The emergent process however, can sometimes be a startling and painful evolution. Vickie Spray is a spiritual counselor who offers a bridge for that awakening and transformational development. She walks beside her clients as they discover their true identity. Her clients drop the old story created by family of origin, culture and religion and reclaim their own story of empowerment, clarity and possibility. They move outside the box of self-limiting identity. She helps them discover their unique purpose and to experience themselves as authentic human beings who know they can live more joyous and peaceful lives.  They become their own healers in the process, and this changes our world. Drawing upon her personal healing and spiritual journey, her years of study and her experience with walking with people in their awakening, she offers an avenue for people to claim their true inheritance. Vickie Spray provides private sessions, conducts workshops and retreats. Vickie has a women’s spirit group that meets on Wednesday nights at her office at 1304 East 6th Ave. Check her availability



Phone: (850)322-6944