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Wing Repair!

Wing Repair-A Ten Month Highly Transformative Opportunity – 2017
Fifteen women will travel together through:
Overnight Retreat
Special Guests
Defining your dreams, passions and hidden talents
Trusting your intuition
Explore the mystical properties of your true self
And more…!
Women are finding the courage to change, to transform and to transcend old beliefs, patterns, and choices. We are untucking our wings! We are not doing this alone. We all need help! One group will meet on 1st Monday 6pm-9pm(starting in January and ending in October) in Tallahassee at my office. The other group will meet on 2nd Sunday 11am-2pm (starting in January and ending in October) If you cannot attend your group on one of the 10 months, then you are welcome to attend the other group. Both groups will meet at least once within the 10 months for an overnight retreat which will be included in the price. This ten-month program allows you to not only learn but to also integrate what you have learned into your life. The cost is $60.00 a month with a commitment to all 10 months. Your wings and your sister’s applause await you.This 10-month, 3 hours a month opportunity will prove that our lives can be lived with power, courage, and creativity. We can learn how to have more clarity and committed focus to our dreams, gifts, and talents. Is it YOUR turn to live the life you have wanted?
2017-Will it be YOUR turn? MY VIDEO!!
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Vickie Spray has assisted many in their awakening process. Humanity is being called to stir and to walk into a place of higher consciousness and her clients are answering that call. The emergent process, however, can sometimes be a startling and painful evolution. Vickie Spray is a spiritual counselor who offers a bridge for that awakening and transformational development.