Monthly Archives: January 2017

When Humans Evolve

MY DECLARATION: Read it and smile.
This new shift in my country and the world has challenged me to become what I was already becoming: AWAKE. I am awake and I understand that I am witnessing and am a part of a quickening in human evolution. I am one of millions upon millions of humans who is discovering their individual power, our collective influence and that a love for our greatest good is the unifying force. This unifying force is the energy needed for this leap in our evolutionary process. No matter how much chaos this shift may create in its unfolding, humans have tasted the glory of democracy and Oneness and this experience cannot be turned back. It is now a worldwide call for freedom from the constraints of greed and misuse of power.
I am committed to go with the flow of this next stage of our development with as much ease and grace as my years of awakening can afford me. I will sometimes falter, just as I did when I was learning to walk. And I will get back up and learn just a little bit more and with a strengthening determination, to know myself as a force of life that is constantly seeking the full expression of life. My fullness cannot help but be a service to others.
I am not alone. I have never been alone. Nothing can stop this new awakening and its power to create a just world and a respect for our life-sustaining earth. There is not enough military, not enough hatred and not enough fear to subdue the demand for equality, justice, and love-determination.
I resist the temptation to see anyone as “The other” by deepening my awareness of the truth of our connection. Everyone who wants to do the work of healing the mind of humanity will add their self-expression to the cause.

I recognize that the systems human beings have built have become tainted with greed and fear and I will support the people in and outside those systems to create new systems that work for the benefit of all by giving my money, time and energy. Systems to be changed: Education. Health. Political. Religious. Monetary.

I am committed to thriving in this lifetime no matter what is happening in the world around me and I offer my strength, wisdom, and courage to those who may need it on any given day. I will serve those whom the Divine brings into my presence as best as I am able.


Our Weaknesses Become Our Stengths