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Healers Getting Paid For Work

There are so many healers who are stuck in work that does not fit their authentic gifts or their expanding path of clarity and freedom from fear. Which is unfortunate because we need more spiritual counselors and personal growth-minded servers-to-humanity! So many healers have always been humans who desired to help others and seem to attract people needing life-earned wisdom but don’t think that kind of wisdom can be of greater service and can’t imagine that kind of work creating economic autonomy. That is changing.   I was one of those people long before I even knew myself as a healer. But my life experiences demanded that I learn how to surrender and allow my gifts finally be shared with others. My successful spiritual counseling practice was the result of my surrender to that calling. The great call for us all is to now step into our unique possibility. We must. It is time.

We live in a monetary based system that requires payment for services and products. Healers need to receive adequate pay for the service we do in the world. I am happy to say, I do not experience economic struggle.  My clients, workshops, retreats, and groups over the years have all taught me that healers can most certainly earn enough money to experience FREE TIME to simply enjoy a graceful life. We can use the wisdom from life experience, our unique gifts, studies and healing modalities and whatever information of love downloaded from the field of possibilities, to do the work of service.  There are a great number of potential clients seeking the clarity that healers have gained through their own struggles, and lessons learned. Humans evolve by experiencing and observing other humans. If we share our life and spiritual wisdom, we become an important vessel for the transformation that is happening in the human species at this time.  EVERY client I have had over the years taught me that we yearn to move beyond the pain of the past and to live within the wisdom that the patterns of pain have wrought in our lives. Healers are here to point them back toward themselves because we have done our own work of transformation and love requires that we share the love of that transformation.

By becoming a minister through Alliance of Divine Love ( a scary word to me in the beginning, “Me? A minister?”)  afforded me a legal avenue for the service was called to provide. The application of a deep understanding born in life-experience and my innate talents and my years of research (and yearning) have served many humans seeking freedom from patterns of pain. I did not know it all when I started and I don’t know it all now but my sincere desire to be of service and my need for an income created willingness within me to study for the ministry and to then become a Spiritual Counselor.

And now I am mentoring others to find their path toward the service they want to do in the world.  This ministerial program is set up to both deepen a healer’s connection and to explore a personal spiritual identity and then to also train a mentee on how to express their healing modality to others based completely on the greatest degree of love.

I am starting a new class in January. We will meet once a month. There are three books with lessons that are answered via email and phone calls and personal meetings with me.  I have room for six new mentees. Please explore this option for the next stage in your earthly journey by going to Alliance of Divine Love- Become a Minister.
And please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Spiritual Counseling– This is the next step in our human evolution toward the healing of human wounds, using spiritual practices and by changing the religious dogma and thoughts that hinder our personal deepening.  “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Teilhard de Chardin. What kind of experience are you having? $60.00-$120.00 One hour and ½ Sliding Scale   One on One Sessions. We meet at my office at 1304 E. 6th Ave. (Office is in Massage Studio of Tallahassee)

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The Most Important Decision We Can Make

Humans are evolving into a species that is gaining the ability to turn life-experience into transcending tools. We understand that we have few options left and that is when we historically have rallied into transformation as individuals and as a society. It is unfortunate that it takes so much pain to convince us to change our thinking and reactions to the world around us, but the attribute of free will is deeply wired in every fiber of our being. When that free will is turned toward transformation, the beauty of humans is something revered and rightfully held in awe.