Monthly Archives: June 2019

A Huge Shift Is Happening In Humans

Spiritual Counseling Tip: “The fire of transformation has been unleashed onto humanity for the purpose of great healing.” The circumstances of our lives are the clues. The emotions that arise and recede like a volcano or the soft waves of water visiting an empty beach are clues. An unexpected conversation with a friend is evidence. The thing that takes you to your knees in awe or sorrow is a portal into a new healing that is carried into the rest of this lifetime and the lifetimes that follow.
The Universe would have us know the truth of who we are. We are eternal beings presently living as human beings in human form. We must learn to experience ourselves as this no matter what may be happening in the physical world. In a world of cause and effect we must know ourselves as the effect. The unseen power that motivates the spider to weave a web and the baby to walk, is the cause. The spider and the web are effect, the baby and the steps it takes is effect. A useful mantra: “I am willing to align myself with cause. I am willing to know myself as eternal. I am willing to allow the transformation of my perceptions to match the truth of who I AM. My body agrees.”