Monthly Archives: January 2020

Spirit Entity

Spiritual Counseling Tip: The clash of who we think we are with who Spirit knows us to be, is our mechanism for growth. An ongoing growth. Layer by layer.  Emancipation after emancipation. Freedom upon freedom.  Our resistance to this slow process is understandable but completely counterproductive. Our decision to heal the original wound of separation is a surrender that ripples into every lifetime we have lived and every lifetime we will live. The perception of separation that being born into the physical caused, is healed by the tenacious embodiment of unity.  Spirit does not give up on us. It cannot give up on itself. The seed of truth is fulfilled in life experiences that transcend mere physicality. Our actions and behaviors sprout more and more from the awareness of our true self. We will veer from this true identity by thought and deed a thousand times a day and it will not matter. Each day, we will veer off course less and less. Each day, we will catch our selves swaying back toward the old thought and consciously choose a new thought, behavior and action that aligns with who we really are. I AM lives and we learn to live as that I AM.  It is an ongoing awakening, as the slumber as been deep and full of nightmarish perceptions based in fear. By accepting the journey as it is, we become powerful spirit entities known as humans, with all our innate possibilities. In this way, we learn what it means to return to paradise. Mantra: I am willing to experience myself as spirit entity in human form. My body agrees.