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Healing The Heavy Stuff

Parent Wounding


Spiritual Counseling Tip: Acknowledging that our parents hurt us through their wounded and unaligned parenting is one of the most important realizations we can have on this journey of self-realization. The depth of healing that this awareness brings cannot be underestimated. And it isn’t easy. Especially for adult children of wounded parents who have become parents themselves. To admit that every parent wound their children, is a hard thing to accept. But of course, it is true. It’s impossible to be a human being and not wound another human being. Impossible. The difference though between a healing parent and non-healing parent is that the healing parent goes inside and heals the wound of guilt, shame and denial. This is the parent that stops the wounding and uses the wounding that has already occurred as a foundation of gold from which to serve others on this journey. The healing parent takes responsibility for the horror of being an imperfect parent. They begin to love their children and themselves from a different state of Being. The healing parent stops the generational curse of not embracing the truth of their wounded selves. The healing parent takes ownership of their wound so that it can be healed. Mantra: I accept the harm I have caused for the people I love and for myself. I forgive myself. My Body Agrees.