About Vickie

Vickie Spray is a Spiritual Counselor who offers spiritual counseling for the healing and awakening process. Vickie assists seekers in their spiritual purpose on this earthly journey. She is the Founder/Owner of Your Life Expressions.  She is an inspirational speaker, writer, blogger and self-help columnist. Ordained as a reverend through the non-denominational church, Alliance of Divine Love, Vickie has provided counseling and guidance for many years to those in need, much of it free of charge. Your Life Expressions embodies her desire to assist people in their return to the authentic SELF that is beyond the trauma, pain, abuse or any emotional block to personal freedom. Through this forum, Vickie offers workshops and spiritual growth events that are all in direct alignment with her deep compassion and Spiritual desire for helping others, and her passion as a SELF-reclamation warrior.

She is the founder and creator of Healing Night, an event when women share their art, music, writing, performance, or spoken word concerning the healing of any type of emotional,  physical or sexual abuse. She is an author who has been published in the Western Carolina Woman, the American Gardener and several small newsletters.  Her humorous side was published for a year in the Citrus County Chronicle, a column she wrote concerning a frog that lived in the State Park where she worked as a park ranger. Her young adult/adult novel Rose Painted Waters is available on Amazon and this website. She is a much sought-after community organizer, having coordinated numerous fundraisers for local groups and charities, and she created a work co-op that helped women carry out a variety of land and house projects for other women.

She follows the teachings of Joel Goldsmith, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dwyer, Deepak Chopra and international spiritual teachings from times long gone. But, it is Vickie’s own past which speaks loudest to those who suffer from pain born in the past – her mother was addicted to drugs and killed at the hands of a john while working the streets as a prostitute, her grandmother was murdered, her baby brother committed suicide and she lived with depression and suicidal thoughts for years after. She was sexually molested and lived in foster care at several points in her childhood, and she turned to alcohol and drugs for many years before finally rebelling against generational fate and surrendering herself to Spirit, hope, and a passion to have all that one joyful life can offer.

She continues to walk on this path of discovery and SELF-reclamation, studying the meditative arts for most of her adult life. Vickie is continually mindful of nurturing her true spiritual nature and ultimately living as an example to others while in human form. She knows that in each of us is the seed which contains everything we need to grow into the person we came here to become. It is her purpose to remind the seed of its potential.