After 14 Years of Writing! Rose Painted Waters Is Available! Found in Healing Products

Rose has been born into a crazy family. Her Dad drops a barrel of fried chicken onto the plywood kitchen table on his way to the tv after work Monday through Friday and then drinks for most of the weekend as a reward for his labor. Her Mom drinks as well and pill pops as a way to cope with five children and an unhealed heart. She offers Rose little in the way of motherly guidance and what she does offer often does not prove to be useful. Her four brothers are whirlwinds of dysfunction and angst. But an impromptu and nearly disastrous road trip provides Rose with a dream of becoming a mermaid like her aunt who works at a Florida tourist attraction. She believes this might get her out of the small world of chaos and working-class poverty.
But there is a small problem. Her Mom’s dependency on alcohol ruins the chance for Rose to establish a peaceful life. Rose is uprooted again leaving her Aunt Jackie and the only chance she feels she had to become a mermaid. Rose and her brothers are driven by her angry and dazed mother to a dilapidated hotel with a missing H and this becomes a launching pad for Rose as she discovers she has had enough and she must do something about the way her life is headed. She steals two of her mother’s beers, thinking this is where courage is found and heads for the woods. Her wits and her yearning to overcome her lot in life propel her to keep trying to better her situation, no matter how many obstacles she must overcome. But the world can be a scary place and family members are not the only crazy people in the world. Rose discovers that she might have to swim through the mud before she can dart through the clear waters of her dreams.

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