Beneath the Surface

Autumn Spectrum 10/10/10The right book. The right friend. The right song. The right stranger. It seems that there are no accidents. The deepening of my spiritual journey has occurred even when I was not consciously pursuing a deeper connection to Spirit. The thing is, even while I was virtually in a sleep-walk through life, busy living, paying bills, and experiencing, my Spirit has none-the-less nudged me further and further into a whole knew way of looking at my time on this earth. The Spirit Being is stretching itself to take up more room within me and I am becoming more and more comfortable with that arrangement!
I surrender. I trust. I learn to walk by a higher consciousness trusting the unseen and knowing at the deepest part of me that something miraculous is occurring. I listen. I am still. Sometimes I have moments of grace that soothe my human mind and I remember that I am not alone on this journey. I am being guided by a higher power and this higher power has my very best interest in mind.

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