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The World of the Physical

Humans are beginning to tap into the spiritual through plant medicine, meditation and with other tools for the sake of evolution. We are waking up to the truth of Who We Are.

Humans Are Evolving

Let Us Realize The Truth of Our Identity

Humans are taking the cue from the mystics. We are more than mere humans being defined by other humans. We are Divine Beings living human lives. When we take the focus away from the 3-D consciousness, we experience an identity that is not afraid and is not apologetic for our greatness. Though we do not give ourselves the breath that provides life, we are eternally connected to the Life Force that Is and that connection is worth exploring.

The World Needs More Helpers

Dear Humans,

If you have been hesitant to bring your light into the world, please consider that the world needs you. If you need some help, I am developing a new program for a path toward being a helper. Text me 850-322





Humans Have Wanted A Shift

Healing The Heavy Stuff

Parent Wounding


Spiritual Counseling Tip: Acknowledging that our parents hurt us through their wounded and unaligned parenting is one of the most important realizations we can have on this journey of self-realization. The depth of healing that this awareness brings cannot be underestimated. And it isn’t easy. Especially for adult children of wounded parents who have become parents themselves. To admit that every parent wound their children, is a hard thing to accept. But of course, it is true. It’s impossible to be a human being and not wound another human being. Impossible. The difference though between a healing parent and non-healing parent is that the healing parent goes inside and heals the wound of guilt, shame and denial. This is the parent that stops the wounding and uses the wounding that has already occurred as a foundation of gold from which to serve others on this journey. The healing parent takes responsibility for the horror of being an imperfect parent. They begin to love their children and themselves from a different state of Being. The healing parent stops the generational curse of not embracing the truth of their wounded selves. The healing parent takes ownership of their wound so that it can be healed. Mantra: I accept the harm I have caused for the people I love and for myself. I forgive myself. My Body Agrees.

Spirit Entity

Spiritual Counseling Tip: The clash of who we think we are with who Spirit knows us to be, is our mechanism for growth. An ongoing growth. Layer by layer.  Emancipation after emancipation. Freedom upon freedom.  Our resistance to this slow process is understandable but completely counterproductive. Our decision to heal the original wound of separation is a surrender that ripples into every lifetime we have lived and every lifetime we will live. The perception of separation that being born into the physical caused, is healed by the tenacious embodiment of unity.  Spirit does not give up on us. It cannot give up on itself. The seed of truth is fulfilled in life experiences that transcend mere physicality. Our actions and behaviors sprout more and more from the awareness of our true self. We will veer from this true identity by thought and deed a thousand times a day and it will not matter. Each day, we will veer off course less and less. Each day, we will catch our selves swaying back toward the old thought and consciously choose a new thought, behavior and action that aligns with who we really are. I AM lives and we learn to live as that I AM.  It is an ongoing awakening, as the slumber as been deep and full of nightmarish perceptions based in fear. By accepting the journey as it is, we become powerful spirit entities known as humans, with all our innate possibilities. In this way, we learn what it means to return to paradise. Mantra: I am willing to experience myself as spirit entity in human form. My body agrees.


Body Love and Body Freedom

Our Expansion and Contractions

Spiritual Counseling Tip: We learn from our contractions and we learn from our expansions. Human history has always moved through time by contraction and expansion. From slavery being sanctioned by “God” to slavery “is an abomination to love.” From a child “should hug Uncle Charlie” even if the child knows that Uncle Charlie is not safe, to allowing the child to express emotions within an atmosphere of security and wisdom. Right now, in the evolution of consciousness, both states of Being are occurring simultaneously and in chaotic ways. We are being made to wake up to our magnificence. The contraction into old beliefs is shining a light onto the authentic possibility of the very opposite of those old beliefs. The contraction is actually giving birth to a whole new possibility of human being. This human being knows there is a direct access to Infinite Intelligence and that they can accurately interpret the wisdom coming into their human consciousness. This human is willing to clear away, over and over, the stories of “not good enough.” This human being sees themselves as they were as children- Non-Physical Beings living in physical form for a time of human experiences that result in soulful expansion. The truth of their worthiness is realized. The false self is not being defended and guarded but diluted into New Consciousness. They are free to be themselves. They become unhinged from the past. They bring forth the unique expression of their gifts out into a world that is doing the same. Mantra: I accept all my contractions and expansions as invitations to be aligned with the truth of who I AM. My body agrees.
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Humans are Seen, Known, and One With Life


Spiritual Counseling Tip: The Invitation from Life to step into our true nature takes many forms. Sometimes it is loud and scary and sometimes it is a soft nudge. Whichever form it takes, the offer to assist you in becoming your fullest expression of life is made from an Intelligence that knows you. It knows your weaknesses and your strengths. It knows what scares you and what you have already healed. It will never ‘test” you to see how serious you are in your willingness to thrive any more that you would try to trip your child to “test” if the child will get back up and try again. Life within children compels them to thrive. They live from a place of “YES”. When you reclaim your “YES” you are surrendering to the call of Life itself. MANTRA: I am known by the Life Force of YES.