Acceptance of our past does not mean we approve of the harm that was done to us. It does not mean we forgive the person who betrayed, hurt or otherwise caused pain in our lives. What it does mean is that we accept whatever happened. We accept that we cannot change what happened and we release our hold on the desire to change what happened. We recognize that we stand now in a different time and a different place. We let go of the negative fog that hangs around this event or series of events. The negative energy that has attached itself to these things will clear. There is now room for positive energy. This positive energy will permeate every thought, action and reaction you have in your daily life.

Find a quiet place. If you are accustomed to centering yourself, use your method now. If you are not accustomed to centering yourself, close your eyes and take three deep breaths and release each breath. Follow each breath in and follow it out until the air of each breath is completely expelled.

Reflect on the relationships you have had. Be aware of the feeling you have with each person and prepare to release your hold on any of the negatives associated with each name. With an attitude of acceptance, hold those people in your mind and the words you have chosen to describe them. Slowly, with a nod toward each one, say aloud, “I accept that you came into my human journey and I release my hold onto the negative belief that experience created.” Feel the clearing of the space within you where pain had lodged. What do you feel now? If it feels right, describe your feeling in writing or to a trusted person.

Vickie Spray
Copyright 2009

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