Finding Purpose

Morning in Yellowstone My goal a year and half ago was to quit my office job and find a way to make a living that fulfilled my purpose. I started from the premise that we all have a purpose when we come to this earth. My belief was that our passions, strengths, and personality would manifest in ways that would lesson the pain for others, heal where healing could take place, and generally make this earth a better place to live. I believed that it was a noble cause and noble causes inherently have the backing of the Universe.
What I know now will be shared as I am able to sort through the twist and turns of this journey. There have many dark nights where shadows became living forms with their convincing truths. There have been moments of pure ecstasy when the surety of my path opened onto large fields of possibility and where the horizon was mine to behold.
But mostly the journey has been a day by day walk into the unknown. In this way, amazing and deep changes have occurred within me that I know will go with me into my future and which have already benefited others. Even as strange as this journey has been thus far and as discordant and without a formed and clear outcome of my efforts, my belief that I am on the right path has only been strengthened.

Vickie Spray
Copyright 2010

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