I Am Alive

sometimes-fawn Sometimes I am a fawn on unsteady legs. My eyes are wide open with effort and my face is tense with earnest desire. A butterfly may flutter by and for a moment, I forget my goal of standing steady. Thankfully, the butterfly knows where it must go and I am left again with my intention.

Sometimes I am a bear whose strength is unquestioned. My fortitude can not be denied. I rest peacefully beneath the protection of great trees. I fight when I must fight. I lumber away from concerns that do not support my peace and I do not question things that do not need to be questioned.

Sometimes, I am an owl who is not defined by the opinion of others. I fly in majestic aloneness. I do what I must do. I am eerily beautiful and I am very, very good at what I do.

Sometimes I am a dog whose playfulness knows no bounds and whose love is as boundless as her desire to take naps, eat and proffer a belly rub.

Sometimes, I am a cat and that is just fine with me.

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