It is Delicious


I have concentrated on understanding the world and Spirit for most of my life. Lately, I have been thinking about laying down my need for understanding. It feels right to do this at this juncture in my life. My mind has taken me on this amazing journey of seeing the world beneath the physical and now I want to soak in that world and relax.
I feel myself give up my furrowed brow and heightened stance of attendance. My mind becomes unclogged of truths, insights, and knowledge. I lesson my hold onto my need to comprehend. When I do this, walls fall.
It is the wall between the me that I have known and the me that exist as everything else exist. I become aware of the lack of physical separation between everything that I previously knew to be separate. There is an aliveness and a “just isness” happening simultaneous to my surrender. My thinking is not needed nor do I depend on my thinking to interpret what is happening. My writer’s mind relinquishes the desire to document my feeling of being translucent and enmeshed with all that surrounds me. I am not separate and it is delicious.

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