Loved Humans YouTube Channel

My years as a spiritual counselor has convinced me that humans have an innate desire to heal their minds and their hearts. They know that, at some point in their lives, they got away from their inherent sense of well being. Every human holds the truth within them and the new movement toward waking up to that truth has begun.

A great movement of awakening is occurring in human consciousness. Instead of the few holding truths and then dispensing those truths from pulpits, decrees, and through dogma, a new consciousness is being born within the individual. Information on how to be a better human, how to sort through the religious programming and ways to discard anything that goes against the spirit, is being sorted through the minds of awakening humans. If the truth does not have love at its foundation, it is looked at with suspicion.

My YouTube channel Loved Humans is an offering of love and wisdom.  May you find it useful for your journey and share it with a friend if you think it might be of assistance to them.