Dreams You Left Behind

The beliefs we have about ourselves will determine what dreams we have, what dreams we think we can have and what dreams we will have. Dreams can be reclaimed. They can be reclaimed by the you that is no longer satisfied with old beliefs determining what level of life you will live.

Beyond the Roles We Play

If you are a title, you are not a person. You are a role and that role is filled with expectations that others have of you and expectations you have for yourself. It is a box that is clear and defined and constricts the very person you can become.

Heal the Past-Create the Future

If we have loyalty to our past we can not totally be loyal to our future. We must give ourselves permission to acknowledge the gifts of the past while we move into the next portion of our lives unhindered by distortions that carrying the past with us can create. The more we like who we are the more we can see our past experiences as honing tool for our destiny.

Shades of Grey

Some of the worst mistakes humans make against themselves and others are done within the passion to maintain familiarity.  Uncertainty is the magic blanket that will carry bold explorers from the land of the known to the land where wild dreams come true. In between the shiny land of the known and the bright color of dreams-that-come-true is the color of grey. It is within this color that decisions are made and where commitment to dreams is deepened.

Healing Your Relationship with Spirit/God

Sometimes the one thing that blocks us from a relationship to Spirit is religion. Humans have a need to install parameters on what is possible with the part of us that is Spirit. This creates hurdles for the individual who has suspected that the spirit within is nudging them away from concrete rules of dogma to a world where God can be found living awaiting their brave return.

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