On the Path of Dreams

raised bedBesides my work in the healing arts, my dream of living an authentic life has taken a turn toward my passion for growing food! Spiritual, emotional and physical health for us all!

I am creating organic vegetable and herb gardens in my friends’ yards! I build raised beds, using cedar planks, plant the seedlings and/or seeds and then you walk out of your door and harvest your own food from your own yard. I also plant berry bushes and fruit trees! You can harvest fresh, organic berries and fruit from your yard year after year.

Our yards can help feed us, create a healthier yard and create a sustainable future. Edible foods from our yards are particularly possible in this growing zone! We are moving away from toxic, landscaped yards toward edible landscaping that puts safe and healthy foods on our tables.

Think about it. I can set up a time to come look at your yard. The initial consultation is free. Let’s find a sunny spot in your yard and grow some food!

Please visit my website~ www.yourowngardenexpressions.vpweb.com

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