I have been driven, like so many others to discover my purpose on this earth. At first this appeared to be a higher calling compared to the attainment of mortgage money, securing a life that was as chaos-free as was possible in this lifetime, and maintaining a loving household. It seemed everyone was on this track of discovering their purpose. We knew we had much to give and were not giving it. We knew a life-force of vibration beneath the hum of earth activity of work, play, politics and the roar of our own thoughts was calling us to It. We knew that religion had served its purpose of bringing humans up to the point of a great discovery and that we must now relinquish the beliefs that undermine the next stage in our growth.
And so we took this call to mean that we all had a purpose and that we must find that purpose.
Purpose quickly became the new religion. And like religion, it was instigated by spirit and misdirected by humans. Once again we have latched onto the material while sacrificing the essence. Once again we have looked to what can be seen, felt, tasted, heard, smelled as a way to satisfy that inner calling for a deeper walk with the Divine. But, if I start from the place of purpose, I circumvent the power that can feed that purpose. If I depend on my mind to direct and facilitate my direction, I have sabotaged my purpose from the starting block. If, I start with what I am passionate about, where my strengths are or where my dreams have always traveled, I will end up using my human power to propel me to the place my spirit yearns for me go. And I will, perhaps experience a degree of success and achieve a few of my goals. And I will become tired, disenchanted with the journey and confused when hard times rear their ugly heads because my purpose is not being fueled by the quiet power and relationship to Spirit.
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