Relationship Healing Night and More!

A Sharing Workshop
All types of artistic expression are welcome!

• Relationship Healing Night is about sharing your creative expression of art, writing, poetry, song, dance, performance, or spoken word relevant to the experience of relationships.

• Relationship Healing Night is a chance to actively clear the relationship debris from your future path. We acknowledge our relationship influences and then we choose what power they will have in our future.

• Relationship Healing Night is an opportunity to express awareness, empowerment, and acceptance.

• Relationship Healing Night is about becoming more of the person you were meant to become by clearing a wider path to your own voice.

• Relationship Healing Night could simply mean attending this workshop and walking away with a better understanding of your life’s journey and your authentic SELF.

February 26th Relationship Healing Night 7:00-9:30 $45.00
Nothing to share? Let’s create something!

Future Healing Nights!
RELIGION~ March 26th 7-9:30 $45.00
BEING A WOMAN~ April 30th 7-9:30 $45.00
Questions and/or to Register contact Vickie Spray (850)322-6944

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