Spirit Group 2012 January 18th-Recap

Spirit Group January 18th, 2012

We had a sweet and powerful time together in our 1st group meeting for the first six week session of Spirit Group! We spoke of our desire to deepen our spirituality and to know our divine natures. We had all experienced an awakening to our authentic selves and the feeling by the end of the evening was that Spirit Group might very well be a place where this awakening could be nurtured. It was recognized that there is something in all of us that seeks to understand our purpose on this earth for this lifetime.

Some had come from a religious background and this had helped some and hindered others. Everyone shared a part of their own story of a new awareness. Some had experienced a need for answers to this new experience and others have had pure moments of joy that convinced them they were on the right path in their lives. We laughed at ourselves some and cried a little. The energy in the room was reported as being loving and safe.

Vickie Spray gave homework which was for everyone to create a character as if they were going to write a story. Besides the usual, height, weight, race, gender and background, the one common characteristic all the characters would inhabit would be that this person recognizes themselves as a Spirit Being in human form. This person knows her/his connection to Source. This person knows and feels a relationship to that Source. This person recognizes his/her place in this world as a Spirit Being in human form. It will be fun to see what everyone came up with!

Next group-up is January 25th.
Contact Vickie Spray 322-6944 if you would like to attend some or all the sessions for 2012! vickiespray@yourlifeexpressions.com

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