Spirit Group on Wednesdays-The Group Is Growing!



                           You Are Invited!!  


    Spiritual Expansion ~ Become Your Own Healer


Human discontent is created by a disconnection from our true identities.  We were made to experience joyful and complete lives.  We can heal from the identities others have given us and move toward our true SELF.


                          The three things we need to help us create a more authentic life:


                                      Encouragement – Support- Compassion


This group acknowledges that we have within us a spiritual self that urges us toward our true Self.


This group acknowledges that we are human beings who can choose to live from that true Self.


This group acknowledges that the goal of this group is simple: Each individual will find a deeper understanding of their spiritual nature and that understanding will assist EVERYONE on the path toward authenticity.



                        YOUR SELF RECLAMATION

                   We Meet On Wednesdays  6:30-8

         My office @  1304 E. 6th Avenue in Massage Studio of Tallahassee

$55.00 every six weeks or 10.00 each time you attend. Sliding Scale if needed

         To register contact: Vickie Spray                  vickiespray@yourlifeexpressions.com                       



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