Spiritual Counselor

We have all heard the gentle nudging of the Spirit. Those truths, insights, and promptings that Spirit gives can be the very thing that saves a life, enriches life, and fulfills your purpose on this earth. These private, guiding words are sometimes astounding in their clarity and purity of truth and they were given to YOU. And sometimes you accepted them and sometimes you didn’t. When you did accept them, you probably experienced what many of the mystics and spiritual seekers over the centuries experienced and that is the connection to Life. It is where the vibrant energy that IS moves like a river in all things seen and unseen. It is within me and it is within you.

But this is frightening to many people. It is beyond our five senses and so easily misunderstood and distorted. Humans have felt these stirrings and throughout the ages, great teachers of Spirit have come forth to help unite their fellow humans to those stirrings of Spirit. Much is added to our collective consciousness by these visits from evolved souls and much is added to the river of Spirit by each of us as we become willing to abide by our spirit’s guidance. It is in this way that we fulfill life’s purpose on earth as it is in spirit.

It is possible that paradise can be restored by the conscious decision of each of us to lay down our preconceived ideas of the divine, our human misinterpretations of Spirit derived through filters of fear, and our individual attachment to certainty. This world is not so far gone and tainted that we can not transcend our past mistakes as they were mistakes of fearful children incapable of seeing their beauty and spiritual potential.

My purpose as a spiritual counselor is to assist you as a spiritual seeker. All I will do in our sessions is to continually urge you to go inside and learn to recognize the voice and power of your own Spirit. I will do that until you no longer need me and then you will do the same for others. It is that simple.

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