Spiritual Healing of Human Wounds

This is my calling! What is your calling?
Vickie’s purpose as a Spiritual Adviser is to help seekers find the certainty of their unique function for this life time. She uses the knowledge of ancient and modern mystics and teachers to help seekers arrive at their own inner wisdom. She works with many people whose religious upbringing did not fulfill the spiritual hunger that is born in all of us. As a Spiritual Adviser she assists them in their human journey as Spirit Being. She serves them in such a way as to help them find spiritual healing of human wounds in the process. Vickie conducts workshops, retreats and private consultations. She can be reached at: vickiespray@yourlifeexpressions.com or 850-322-6944
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Healing Group in 2012
January 18, 2012 –December 19th,2012
Spiritual Healing of Human Wounds

Human wounds are created by a disconnection from our true identities. We were made to experience joyful and complete lives. We must heal from the identities others have given us and move toward our true SELF.

The three things we need to help us create a more authentic life is:

Encouragement – Support- Compassion

This group acknowledges that we have within us a spiritual self that urges us toward our true Self.

This group acknowledges that we are human beings who can choose to live from that true Self.

This group acknowledges that the goal of this group is simple: Each individual will find a deeper understanding of their spiritual nature and that understanding will assist EVERYONE on the path toward authenticity.

We Meet On Wednesdays
$60.00 every six weeks-Sliding Scale if needed
To register contact: Vickie Spray vickiespray@yourlifeexpressions.com

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