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Our Journey of Growth

May you find this useful for your journey of Self-Awareness and Self-Love.
Spiritual Counseling Tip: Most progress is incremental and without fanfare. Huge successes are built on this truth. Lives are changed. The humans who train themselves to look toward where they have made slight progress instead of focusing on where they are “failing”, free themselves from fear. To keep a critical eye on what is failing as an indication of progress undermines the very thing attempting to be created. By focusing our attention on where we are making progress, even the smallest of our shifts in consciousness, we gain the self confidence that we need to create and sustain our dreams and goals. The dream started with a “yes” and it is completed by the hundred “yeses” that are inherent in progress. And then, sometimes, out of nowhere, a huge leap is made that catapults us into living the life our authentic nature has desired for our lives. Mantra: I acknowledge the small and large shifts in my progress with love, patience and clarity. My body agrees.


Acceptance of our past does not mean we approve of the harm that was done to us. It does not mean we forgive the person who betrayed, hurt or otherwise caused pain in our lives. What it does mean is that we accept whatever happened. We accept that we cannot change what happened and we release our hold on the desire to change what happened. We recognize that we stand now in a different time and a different place. We let go of the negative fog that hangs around this event or series of events. The negative energy that has attached itself to these things will clear. There is now room for positive energy. This positive energy will permeate every thought, action and reaction you have in your daily life.

Find a quiet place. If you are accustomed to centering yourself, use your method now. If you are not accustomed to centering yourself, close your eyes and take three deep breaths and release each breath. Follow each breath in and follow it out until the air of each breath is completely expelled.

Reflect on the relationships you have had. Be aware of the feeling you have with each person and prepare to release your hold on any of the negatives associated with each name. With an attitude of acceptance, hold those people in your mind and the words you have chosen to describe them. Slowly, with a nod toward each one, say aloud, “I accept that you came into my human journey and I release my hold onto the negative belief that experience created.” Feel the clearing of the space within you where pain had lodged. What do you feel now? If it feels right, describe your feeling in writing or to a trusted person.

Vickie Spray
Copyright 2009

I Keep Thinking about Beliefs

Beliefs at First Glance

Beliefs at First Glance

I keep thinking about beliefs. I am amazed at how powerful they are to our individual journey and our collective journeys. A belief can create road blocks and instantly dissolve walls of resistance. Beliefs can fan a life of joyous living or pummel our emotions toward despair. One belief about myself can make the difference between a happy life time or a life tinged with regret, sadness and guilt. Just one belief can create a relationship or break a relationship. Beliefs can nurture an awareness of my authentic SELF or it can erect a thick wall between who I am and who I believe I am as a human being.

Beliefs are what we cling to when our world becomes frightening and unmanageable. When our attempts to control our universe by worry, projection and distraction, fail us, we will kick into the familiar place of beliefs even if those beliefs make us want to eat more, drink more and suffer more. Hell can be made comfortable by our beliefs. I will stay at this job because I can not make it out there on my own. I will hide my talents because people will scoff at them. What other people think of me is more important than who I know myself to be on this earth.

The one belief that feeds most of the pain that I have experienced and witnessed is our belief of unworthiness. It is an old battle for many of us. It is, however, easily understood. We are spirits who come into human form and discover very quickly the hindrances of that human form. Our spirit, which is connected to Source and the stark juxtaposition of what the spirit cares for and what human flesh cares about is disorienting. That difference between what spirit is and what human flesh is, creates a fear of unworthiness that shuts out and shut down that connection throughout our lifetime. We disappoint and get disappointed almost the minute we pop out of our Momma’s because our spirit knows what is possible while humans live from a place of belief concerning their human limitations.

Spirit is love and acceptance. Human form is afraid it will not have enough of what it needs. Spirit knows it is eternal, human form knows that the flesh is temporary. Spirit knows that all things work out for the purpose of the greater good. Human believes that we must control and force our will onto our short-sighted outcome. Spirit knows that nothing can separate us from Source. Humans fear that a belief, wrong decision, or human frailty will divide us from the love of I AM.

What if each of us became aware of that spirit within us? What if we allowed that spirit to have more influence in our walk on this earth? What would happen if we surrendered the belief of unworthiness and fully embraced who we are as spiritual beings in human form? What if the human condition became influenced by Source instead of feeding upon fear of the human condition?

From what I have seen so far, is that when I give over to spirit, my beliefs dissolve and then are reformed into a knowing. This knowing is peaceful. This knowing is not contingent on mood or anything that happens in this world I live in. It is the peace that surpasses all understanding and is steady-still in the midst of an earthly storm. It is where I want to reside.