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Our Journey of Growth

May you find this useful for your journey of Self-Awareness and Self-Love.
Spiritual Counseling Tip: Most progress is incremental and without fanfare. Huge successes are built on this truth. Lives are changed. The humans who train themselves to look toward where they have made slight progress instead of focusing on where they are “failing”, free themselves from fear. To keep a critical eye on what is failing as an indication of progress undermines the very thing attempting to be created. By focusing our attention on where we are making progress, even the smallest of our shifts in consciousness, we gain the self confidence that we need to create and sustain our dreams and goals. The dream started with a “yes” and it is completed by the hundred “yeses” that are inherent in progress. And then, sometimes, out of nowhere, a huge leap is made that catapults us into living the life our authentic nature has desired for our lives. Mantra: I acknowledge the small and large shifts in my progress with love, patience and clarity. My body agrees.

Beneath the Surface

Autumn Spectrum 10/10/10The right book. The right friend. The right song. The right stranger. It seems that there are no accidents. The deepening of my spiritual journey has occurred even when I was not consciously pursuing a deeper connection to Spirit. The thing is, even while I was virtually in a sleep-walk through life, busy living, paying bills, and experiencing, my Spirit has none-the-less nudged me further and further into a whole knew way of looking at my time on this earth. The Spirit Being is stretching itself to take up more room within me and I am becoming more and more comfortable with that arrangement!
I surrender. I trust. I learn to walk by a higher consciousness trusting the unseen and knowing at the deepest part of me that something miraculous is occurring. I listen. I am still. Sometimes I have moments of grace that soothe my human mind and I remember that I am not alone on this journey. I am being guided by a higher power and this higher power has my very best interest in mind.