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Our Journey of Growth

May you find this useful for your journey of Self-Awareness and Self-Love.
Spiritual Counseling Tip: Most progress is incremental and without fanfare. Huge successes are built on this truth. Lives are changed. The humans who train themselves to look toward where they have made slight progress instead of focusing on where they are “failing”, free themselves from fear. To keep a critical eye on what is failing as an indication of progress undermines the very thing attempting to be created. By focusing our attention on where we are making progress, even the smallest of our shifts in consciousness, we gain the self confidence that we need to create and sustain our dreams and goals. The dream started with a “yes” and it is completed by the hundred “yeses” that are inherent in progress. And then, sometimes, out of nowhere, a huge leap is made that catapults us into living the life our authentic nature has desired for our lives. Mantra: I acknowledge the small and large shifts in my progress with love, patience and clarity. My body agrees.

Getting Out of the Way of Your Dreams

Spiritual Counseling Tip: There is something within each human that wants to find expression in the lives we live. It may be a business, some type of creativity, a relationship, or a goal of some sort that started as a thought that simply entered the mind unsolicited and new.  Many humans will follow that impulse to fruition, and many will not. In my experience in my own life and I see it daily in the lives of my awakening clients, is that the block to the fruition is often due to one powerful belief.  That is the expression, goal or dream that wants to make itself manifest in a life has something to do with the worth of that human. The belief is that If I am “successful” I will finally be enough, special or worthy in some way that I was not previously. And if I “fail” at my business, my art, or my writing, I will have proven to myself what I had feared all along, “I am not enough (I am insignificant, an imposter, or generally unworthy in some way). There is a Meme circulating social media that says something like you never know the pain of the chain that is around your neck until you endeavor to move from where you have been emotionally residing.   That chain is the unprocessed belief about your worth. Our dysfunctional culture teaches us in a thousand ways what you must look like, act like and be in order to claim worthiness. It’s a false presentation from a false belief system and it is destroying dreams. What must you have done to be enough? At what point does a child lose their “enoughness?” Who decides?  A powerful mantra to wring out any residual doubt you may have about your worth is: “I AM Enough, Just the way I AM. My body agrees. This subject requires revisiting until you know yourself as whole and able to experience the freedom from the unconscious chains of unworthiness.

I Would Do It Again In a Skinny Minute


I am telling anyone who will listen that to take six months away from the rut of their working lives could change the rest of their time on this earth. I am convinced that it would make such a difference in our society as a whole that the pharmaceutical companies might get nervous if enough people started doing it.

Imagine six months of waking up in the morning and having a total of two things that absolutely must get done on that day and one of those things is taking a nap. Though that is not exactly how I spent my time as I was attempting to start an entrepreneurial business, I had enough of that kind of day toward the end of this six month stretch of time to garner an immense respect for the concept. The only thing I would have done differently would be to not spend so much time sitting at my computer learning about viral marketing..

I had to weigh my odds when I took this jump of leaving a secure job for a small chance that my business would take off. I had to be willing to go into debt. I had to live with many unknowns and insecurities. I had to be honest about my strengths and weaknesses and my abilities. You get down to you when you open yourself up to the unknown. I said at least a dozen times in these months of exploration that I completely understand why people do not do this. Now I can say that though I understand why more people are not taking six months off from making money, I can absolutely say with surety that to do so could make the difference in living a fulfilled life and living a mundane existence.

I am full of advise on how to do it if anyone is interested. Hell, I might even write a book after I have had time to process some of this. The one thing I would tell them is to not have an agenda concerning how to make money for six month. Just enjoy. Just play in the yard and sleep in and write, paint and start a garden. Learn how to speak Spanish or play the guitar. Go to bed early and get up late. Do whatever you want to do that you have not been able to do because you had to be somewhere.