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Freeing Our Bodies and Our Minds

2020 Is going to be a very important year for the awakening of humanity. Beneath the chaos, will be thousands upon thousands of humans clearing the stuck energy in our bodies that undermine the desire of our Spirit. Authentic power and unconditional love become our resource. There will be ten women of those thousands who will meet once a month to move beyond the the 3rd dimensional approach to life. There is room for five more women!

Our Journey of Growth

May you find this useful for your journey of Self-Awareness and Self-Love.
Spiritual Counseling Tip: Most progress is incremental and without fanfare. Huge successes are built on this truth. Lives are changed. The humans who train themselves to look toward where they have made slight progress instead of focusing on where they are “failing”, free themselves from fear. To keep a critical eye on what is failing as an indication of progress undermines the very thing attempting to be created. By focusing our attention on where we are making progress, even the smallest of our shifts in consciousness, we gain the self confidence that we need to create and sustain our dreams and goals. The dream started with a “yes” and it is completed by the hundred “yeses” that are inherent in progress. And then, sometimes, out of nowhere, a huge leap is made that catapults us into living the life our authentic nature has desired for our lives. Mantra: I acknowledge the small and large shifts in my progress with love, patience and clarity. My body agrees.

The Love Our Bodies-Body Wings

Open to Ten Women: Vickie Spray will offer a ten-month workshop series for ten women. Jan 2020-October 2020. Overnight Pajama Party in October. Body Wings-Finding the Power of Who We Are

Cost: 110.00 a month with a commitment for ten months. 2nd Sunday of the month 1pm-4pm.

Spiritual Counseling Tips: The awakening journey that so many humans are traveling is beginning to reflect in our relationship with our bodies. To many, the relationship has been estranged and sometimes even hostile. Instead of seeing our bodies as a flower that will bloom for a short while, we are programmed to judge it, distance ourselves from it and treat it as unacceptable. The loving relationship that is possible with our bodies has been covered over by religious views, patriarchal beliefs and our own inner misunderstanding. The good news is that just like our true essence remained loyal as we dug down to the truth of our beauty, the truth of our bodies has done the same. A love relationship is possible. What would it feel like to fall in love with your body? What would it feel like to know that that love is a reciprocal love? There is give and a take as in any relationship. There are weaknesses that exist, and loving awareness makes concessions for the weaknesses and creates gratitude for the strengths. As in any relationship, when a relationship is taken for granted, the weaknesses become more pronounced. When strengths are noticed and appreciated, those strengths become a firm characteristic that is steady and dependable. The reclamation of our minds and the thoughts that it entertains will inevitably lead to the reclamation of a loving relationship to our bodies.

Mantra: I love my body. My body loves me. I am whole.

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Getting Out of the Way of Your Dreams

Spiritual Counseling Tip: There is something within each human that wants to find expression in the lives we live. It may be a business, some type of creativity, a relationship, or a goal of some sort that started as a thought that simply entered the mind unsolicited and new.  Many humans will follow that impulse to fruition, and many will not. In my experience in my own life and I see it daily in the lives of my awakening clients, is that the block to the fruition is often due to one powerful belief.  That is the expression, goal or dream that wants to make itself manifest in a life has something to do with the worth of that human. The belief is that If I am “successful” I will finally be enough, special or worthy in some way that I was not previously. And if I “fail” at my business, my art, or my writing, I will have proven to myself what I had feared all along, “I am not enough (I am insignificant, an imposter, or generally unworthy in some way). There is a Meme circulating social media that says something like you never know the pain of the chain that is around your neck until you endeavor to move from where you have been emotionally residing.   That chain is the unprocessed belief about your worth. Our dysfunctional culture teaches us in a thousand ways what you must look like, act like and be in order to claim worthiness. It’s a false presentation from a false belief system and it is destroying dreams. What must you have done to be enough? At what point does a child lose their “enoughness?” Who decides?  A powerful mantra to wring out any residual doubt you may have about your worth is: “I AM Enough, Just the way I AM. My body agrees. This subject requires revisiting until you know yourself as whole and able to experience the freedom from the unconscious chains of unworthiness.

Humans Free Themselves

Spiritual Counseling Tip: There is something in each human that constantly seeks freedom. That something knows exactly what it needs to facilitate that freedom. One of the main things it “needs” is for the will of the human mind to get on board with the invitation to be free. Free from what? Worry is one of the most counterproductive tendencies that prevent humans from experiencing freedom. Worry is seen as love, used as a coping mechanism, and sometimes latched onto for getting something a human may want.  The approach is a negative seeking a positive. It is subtle and extremely powerful. It creates a gerbil cage of unmet desires.

A way to break the habit of worry is to recognize when it is happening. That will startle a human out of the sleepwalking approach to life that humans tend to use until we see that a particular method for living is counterproductive.   A mantra for this awakening can be surprisingly useful.

Mantra: I am willing to learn the practice of letting go of worry. My body agrees.

Humans are Seen, Known, and One With Life


Spiritual Counseling Tip: The Invitation from Life to step into our true nature takes many forms. Sometimes it is loud and scary and sometimes it is a soft nudge. Whichever form it takes, the offer to assist you in becoming your fullest expression of life is made from an Intelligence that knows you. It knows your weaknesses and your strengths. It knows what scares you and what you have already healed. It will never ‘test” you to see how serious you are in your willingness to thrive any more that you would try to trip your child to “test” if the child will get back up and try again. Life within children compels them to thrive. They live from a place of “YES”. When you reclaim your “YES” you are surrendering to the call of Life itself. MANTRA: I am known by the Life Force of YES.

Where Strength Abounds

A friend once told me that when she is able to feel the quiet force of the Universe she feels an abounding love. I responded that when I am able to feel the quiet force of the Universe, I feel power. I could tell from the look on her face that this startled her and it may have even made her a little afraid.

I have since come to realize that I did not know the type of love that she was talking about and she did not know the type of power that I was talking about and that we were talking about the same thing. I can say this because I recently woke up from a deep sleep and felt this powerful love.

It was the strangest thing because this feeling was not coming from me. I was actually only a witness. What happened was that I woke up and instantly felt something I had never felt before being directed toward two of my friends who happen to be a long- term couple. It came from the right of me and was complete in itself, unadulterated and unshakable. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was love!

This love did not seem to have any expectation of anything in return. It had a “Just Is” quality to it and I trusted it immediately. I felt the intensity of it’s being and yet I knew instinctively that it had no purpose. It was being what it Is. It was not revved up for this particular occasion. I did not come upon it in my dreams and discover something new. It was there and had been there for a very long time. It was kindness and compassion. It was penetrable and impenetrable. I suppose, now that I look at that evening, that the power was not only in its unmovable quality but in its total lack of concern, this sounds funny, for other people’s opinion. It was going to do what it Is and it needed nothing else from anything else to accomplish what it naturally does in its being. I remember thinking, Ah! This is the Being I have been reading about and feeling little nudges from!

My friends did not respond. I had the feeling they were just going about their daily lives while this power directed its love toward them. It occurred to me that this happens a lot. That an amazing source of love is working in our behalf and we are mostly oblivious. I do not remember that I had any judgment around this thoght. I do remember thinking how strange it was that my friends could have this much undeviating interest from the Universe and they be so seemingly unaware of its presence. To my credit, I quickly asked myself if I walk around in my daily life with the full awareness of this kind of love. The answer is no. No judgment (well, maybe a little).

But, also to my credit, since that night of being a witness to this powerful love, I have been deciding to become aware of its presence in my life. Some amazing things are happening in direct result of that night’s grace and my deepening decision to pay attention. There were a few other images on that night of insight that I am still processing. The glimpse I have received of the existence of a powerful love has filled me with a hope I did not have previously and a strength that bolsters me in a way I could not have predicted.

Who Knew?

wise womanMy path has lead me to the part of Me that is hidden and infinite. The identity of the me that I know disappears and is being replaced by a timeless force. I become less afraid and more assured. I can trust this quiet power. As whoo whoo as this sounds even to me, I can not help but allow it to swirl inside of me.

If I believe there is a spiritual force beneath the activity of human life and if I believe that every human being is able to tap into that force, then I would be remiss to not explore the possibilities that this belief creates. I have found, when I can stop for a few seconds throughout my day and breath in and breath out (sometimes just in two conscious breaths!) I am again aware of my full connectedness to this spiritual force. I feel peace and I feel the wholeness that some of the great spiritual teachers over the centuries said existed. I get this just by stopping, and being still for a few minutes each day. The desire I have for a peaceful life is fulfilled in these moments. The wisdom and insights I receive in these moments are added gifts that amaze me.

It is free. It is infinite. All I have to do is remember to do it and I am doing that more and more.

I am beginning to understand more about how it all works. Each time I stop and acknowledge that I am a Human Being who is connected to the Spiritual Universe, I live from a place of spiritual connectedness. I am “in the flow,” as they say. I can feel the unity. I rest within the easy system of unhindered life. I am a part of it and somehow know that I will always be a part of the energy that knows no bounds. I am beginning to recognize this connectedness as part of who I actually Am. I am beginning to live from THAT identity. Right now, I am doing this for moments in my day. I see though, how this could grow into longer moments. I see how it is possible to have an entire day that has me walking on this earth living a fully human life as a spiritual Being who knows her true authentic Self.

Copyright 2010
Vickie Spray

I Am Alive

sometimes-fawn Sometimes I am a fawn on unsteady legs. My eyes are wide open with effort and my face is tense with earnest desire. A butterfly may flutter by and for a moment, I forget my goal of standing steady. Thankfully, the butterfly knows where it must go and I am left again with my intention.

Sometimes I am a bear whose strength is unquestioned. My fortitude can not be denied. I rest peacefully beneath the protection of great trees. I fight when I must fight. I lumber away from concerns that do not support my peace and I do not question things that do not need to be questioned.

Sometimes, I am an owl who is not defined by the opinion of others. I fly in majestic aloneness. I do what I must do. I am eerily beautiful and I am very, very good at what I do.

Sometimes I am a dog whose playfulness knows no bounds and whose love is as boundless as her desire to take naps, eat and proffer a belly rub.

Sometimes, I am a cat and that is just fine with me.