The Path of the Most Resistance

blog 2Riding within the peloton -Lance Armstrong

The peloton travels as an integrated unit, like birds formation flying in formation, each rider making slight adjustments in response to the riders around him (or her) particularly the one in front of each. When developed, riders at the front are exposed to higher loads, and will tend to slip off the front in order to rejoin the pack further back. In some cases, with sufficient room to maneuver, this will develop into a fluid situation where the center of the peloton appears to be pushing through its own leading edge. Wikpedia

Quitting my job was the first step that gave my dream permission to reveal itself. Before I walked out that door though, in my private step toward destiny, I learned some surprising things about the dreams people harbor within them. I was actually startled by how many people suddenly came to me with stories of their own long-ago wish to live beyond the box of their small lives. They offered support and applause for my adventure and courage but would wistfully shake their head while explaining why, they, themselves could never do what I was doing. I learned of their fears of pursuing those dreams. I learned the reasons they gave up on their attachment to their dreams. I learned there is a sadness in a lot of people who suspect they prematurely gave up on their potential for reaching those dreams.
The reasons, not surprisingly were mostly about practicalities, like having children to care for: “How can I quit my job when I have mouths to feed and a house to pay for?”
Or, “I am too old.” And the one that really surprised me was, “I do not have the talents that you have.” There were many more but these are the ones that are coming to my mind as I think back on those days, not too long , before I left my job to fulfill my own still-nameless dreams.

Their words made sense. I could see their point. After all, you can not let your child go without, just so you can fulfill some fancy life you have yearned for since you were six. Your mortgage is not going to get paid while you chase after some phantom possibility you can not name but had tasted on the tip of your tongue a long time ago. The artist in them was abandoned, the guitar player forsaken, the writer given up on, and the adventurer poo pooed into submission.

The one thing that I felt each and every time someone gave me reasons for their inability to seek their potential in their own dreams was resistance. They resisted even the idea of their dream. I discovered, by listening between the lines of their words that giving up on their dreams had been a silent death way back when and risking that pain again was not an option. It made me realize that there are a lot of people walking around with dead dreams living inside of them. Yes, dead dreams living inside of them.

I had nearly allowed my dream of writing to die. And my other passions for videotaping life experiences as a healing tool, and my desire to inspire others toward their own strengths and creativity were a blur of desire that overwhelmed me. We live in a world that does not support the internal life of spirit and creativity as the world and humans as a group are generally too afraid to nurture the promptings of positive energy from the unseen and unknown. However, we seem very capable at this point in our spiritual evolution to feed the negative energy of: “What if I fail?” And “What if I succeed?” becomes another haunting mantra that lurks beneath waters of our resistance. But that is changing. The peloton is changing.

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