Therapeutic Writing Coach

Is it time?

It is possible you have been moving in this direction for a long time. If the time for you to write your story has arrived, then Writing Yourself Into Self-Healing is here to walk beside you in that process of reclamation.

Do you want to write?

There is bravery sitting inside you. It is what has carried you thus far. You have survived and now you can flourish. Pain does not have to be a constant. Peace can dwell within a mind that has been quieted with compassion and love. Words can be the boat that carries you across the great divide from the self you decided you were because of what happened, to the SELF of who you truly are.

Ever written about pain?

There is freedom in expressing our story. There is release in the confidential telling of what happened. There is power in breaking the silence. It is possible to reclaim childhood innocence. It is possible for memories to safely be revisited, regained, and celebrated.

“From the first moment you communicate with her, you will be given the gift of Vickie’s passion for helping others find their freedom.”
– MB

Have you felt that whole place within you?

Write yourself toward the place that was never disillusioned, hurt or damaged. Your true spirit awaits your return. Let this be a time of healing. Allow this time in your life be the time of becoming the person you were meant to become.

“Vickie brings a wealth of compassion and sensitivity to helping abused women express themselves in the process of healing.”
– Lenore

How does it work?

You can write as much or as little as you please. Weekly, monthly or 6-12 month individual programs of discovery and self-empowerment through the written word are available. All levels accepted.  No red marks for grammar or punctuation. No worries of dangling prepositions. No concerns over commas, hyphens or conjunctions. What matters is your story and your healing. All writing is confidential. We consult, you write, we explore the deeper healing occurring in your writing.

We work together to discover your movement toward your authentic self.

Vickie Spray is a Therapeutic Writing Coach, inspirational speaker, non-traditional minister, writer and a SELF-reclamation warrior, and a self-help columnist. She assists humans on their journey back to the authentic SELF that is beyond the abuse, beyond the title of victim, beyond the skewed beliefs that pain can create, and beyond the mistakes that have been made.

She has witnessed the human spirit move past rooted and stuck barricades of experiences to a wide open place of freedom. She knows that in each and every single one of us is the seed that contains everything we need to grow into the person we came here to become. All she does is remind the seed of its potential.

Prices vary depending on individual needs:
Initial Consultation (30 min. to 1 hr.) – $30.00
Reading Your Writing (1 to 2 hrs.) – $50.00 – $100.00
Coaching Session (1 to 2 hrs.) – $50.00 – $100.00

This service can be done by phone, in person or by email.

“Vickie’s work allows people to experience a sense of courage and triumph, as opposed to the fear, shame and helplessness they feel as victims, and empowers them to be their own witness.”
– Stephanie Gregie, LMHC

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