We Need to Tell Our Stories!

lilly So a part of my new life as an entrepreneur involves interviewing and videotaping stories of motherhood, childhood, parenthood, livelihood, and everything in between. I love finding out how a person has moved on the paths of their lives. What did they do at a certain cross road in their journey? What are some of the funny things that happened to them as children or with pets or with friends and lovers? What stories have never been told but need to be told? What kinds of challenges were met on that path and how were they handled?

I love asking the questions that help people remember the significant events of their lives. Some of the interviews I do are around the area of trauma and healing from that trauma. I always walk away from these interviews amazed by the strength and courage of humans. As a writer, I have written some of my story so I know the importance of telling it and having it known.

After the interview I create a DVD of the interview and then my client uses it for whatever purpose it was created. They have it to give to their children or keep it for their young children to have when they get older. In the instance of trauma stories they watch it with me or with their therapist as a way to reclaim their own lives and their own stories. The process is remarkable! Why aren’t people doing this? Why aren’t therapist doing this? It is documented history of lives lived. These are just regular folks with human stories of adoptions, crisis, healing life changes, marriages, illnesses, and accomplishments.

The stories of our lives are interesting to other people and we are interested in other people’s stories. Stories of people’s lives are what novels, movies, plays are all about. Our children want to know about our lives and we want to know about our parents’ lives. How did they end up being our parents? What is the long story behind our birth? What is the long story behind the birth of your child?

We think we will remember. We think we will write a book “some day” to document the history of our parents’ lives and our own lives. It isn’t true. We don’t do it. We want to. We say we will, but we do not do it

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