When I Choose to Live Fully

Fully Human

I discard the constraints of fear that I have inherited from my culture, my family, and my own small thinking. I choose which thoughts I will entertain and which thoughts I will automatically shun in my effort to keep open a channel for joy. I open my eyes to the flower that will bloom only on this day knowing this keeps my heart open always. When my heart is open, my soul celebrates the blossoming of one human into its fullness. My fullness is added to the river that connects me to all things.

I am aware there are horrendous acts of human against human happening in every minute in every day. It has always been thus. I will not partake in those interactions. I work toward my inner peace. I accept people for who they are and I forgive when I can and try hard to overcome my resistance to forgiving when I detect its presence. I volunteer and donate where I am able and leave the rest to Life. I breathe in the abundant beauty that surrounds me and do not take for granted the kindness of strangers.

I become larger and the world becomes more capable of offering safety, peace and wisdom to it inhabitants. I provide a yes to the river of collective consciousness and tap into the many “Yes’s” of others. I gain strength from the positive choices of those on the steady path to enlightenment.

I can love, from a distance, when someone’s personality does not fit my life. I can hold that love and honor that love with the full understanding that they rest within the same Life as I and have a purpose they are attempting to fulfill. I am irrevocably connected to the life that resides within them. I practice bowing to the life within them.

Sometimes my agreement to live fully will be with a raised fist of defiance and other times a quiet nod of acceptance. It is a conscious choice that rides my ability to trust. I am a Spiritual Being in human form on an earthly journey.

I have hurt others while on this journey and I am sorry for the pain I have caused. Others have hurt me while on their own adventure on this earth. It is inevitable that our respective weaknesses would sting the other. It is not inevitable that I would conjure up an opinion concerning anyone’s worth because of the weaknesses. I release my grip on the negative reaction to another person’s or my actions and open myself to the peace that can replace that counter to peace.

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