Writing Workshops

Do you want to write?

Writing is an amazing tool for removing the clutter of our past to create an unblocked future. You can write about your past experiences and healing. You can write poems, plays, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and/or performance pieces. You can write spoken word and memoir. You can write yourself into your peace and into self-healing.

Is it time?
It is possible you have been moving in this direction for a long time. Pain from an incident in our past does not have to be taken into our future. Words can be the boat that carry you across the great divide of the self you decided you were because of what happened, to the SELF of who YOU TRULY ARE. If the time for you to write your story has arrived, then Writing Yourself Into Self-Healing is here to walk beside you in that process of reclamation.

Are there any rules?
NO! No punctuation, no spelling, no grammar, no worries of dangling anything. The only rule is confidentiality and that you give yourself the gift of your writing and your spirit.